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Genesis 1:1 DVD

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Enjoy this candid presentation as author and speaker Ken Ham shares heartfelt concerns with a small group of pastors. Discover what drives Ken to continue delivering strong messages about biblical authority in today's scoffing world. While uncovering the deep meaning of each primary word in Genesis 1:1, Ham offers an expanded paraphrase that sheds great light on the rich meaning of the Bible's very first verse. Includes answers to questions he often receives, such as:

  • What was God doing before he created?
  • Are atheists actually atheists?
  • Where did God come from?

Ham also addresses hot topics not often handled in his other DVDs, such as when angels were created, when Adam sinned, and more.

(This DVD is enriched when used in conjunction with Stop Trusting Man's Word which covers Genesis 1:2-5.)

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