365 Fascinating Facts About Jesus (Download)

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From over 100 sources, popular gift book author Robert Strand has compiled both common and little-known facts about Jesus Christ. The Jesus that Strand uncovers is definitely the Christ of the Gospels, and the political, cultural, and religious times in which He lived are brought to life in this terrific book. Read about the traditions that Jesus grew up with, the historical facts about his birth, death, and resurrection, and man’s ideas about Him vs. reality. Great as a reference book or gift, this collection of fascinating facts serves to illuminate “God With Us.”


  • What was Jesus' last name? According to Jewish tradition, one’s last name was always determined by the father’s given name. So the Lord’s complete name would have been “Yeshua Ben Yosef.”
  • Old Testament Prophecies Contained in the Old Testament, there are more than 300 specific prophecies alone that concerned Jesus, the promised coming Messiah. These were written from 450 to more than 2,000 years before his birth. It’s been mathematically calculated that the probability of just 8 of the more than 300 prophecies being fulfilled by chance is 1 in 1017. It is beyond the realm of calculation to figure the probability of all 300-plus coming to pass in one life.
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