A Child's Geography Vol. 3: Explore the Classical World (Download)

A Child's Geography Vol. 3: Explore the Classical World (Download)


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For 4th-6th Grade

Ready to explore the world? In A Child’s Geography Volume 3, you will take your upper elementary student on an unforgettable journey into the culture, cuisine, history, and evidence of Christianity in the classical world! This revised and updated study of Greece, Italy, Croatia, Albania includes all-in-one worksheets, full-color images, and interactive assignments.

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Title A Child's Geography Vol. 3: Explore the Classical World (Download)
Series A Child's Geography
Volume in Series 3
Contributors Terri Johnson
Page Count 448
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Using a mix of geography and history, your students will learn about the classical world, and the story of different people groups leaving Babel and spreading their culture and influence around the world. A Child’s Geography Vol. 3: Explore the Classical World is designed for students in the 4th – 6th grade level. It is scheduled for 3-day weeks over a year-long interactive journey. Students completing this course will:

  • Explore the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece and Italy
  • Visit the Balkan Peninsula to explore Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and more
  • Discover historic sites that include castles, monasteries, fortresses, windmills, and ancient ruins
  • See how Christians like the Apostle Paul and others helped bring God’s Word to the world

Biblical Worldview

We approach this journey from a biblical worldview that affirms the truth of God’s Word. As part of the course, students will learn about each country’s history, which in a few cases includes very brief details about their false gods, such as the Greek “gods” of Olympus. In today’s popular culture, these “gods” are often portrayed as heroes in movies, comic books, and more. We, however, have chosen to take the factual approach, making clear these stories are myths about false gods while reaffirming the eternal truths of the one true God as presented in His Holy Word.

Course components include:

  • Travel Log notes at the end of each section to sum up important points
  • Travel Journal at the end of each chapter to record trip highlights, favorites, and more
  • Supply list, recipes, and crafts
  • Worksheets, chapter tests, final exam, glossary, and answer key
  • Maps and activities to promote map-reading skills
  • A helpful course calendar for easy scheduling

Table of Contents

  • Teacher, Set the Course!
  • Materials List
  • Schedule
  • Introduction
  • 1. Greece [part one]: Island Hopping
  • 2. Greece [part two]: In the Beginning
  • 3. Greece [part three]: The Four-fingered Hand
  • 4. Puzzle Directions
  • 5. North Macedonia: A Land Older Still
  • 6. Albania: Land of the Soaring Eagle
  • 7. Serbia: Old Fortresses and Hidden Monasteries
  • 8. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • 9. Croatia: Dalmatians, Dukedoms, and Deep-sea Diving!
  • 10. Slovenia: At the Crossroads
  • 11. Italy [part one]: A City with No Streets
  • 12. Italy [part two]: A Feast for the Eyes and Stomach
  • 13. Italy [part three]: Rome, the Eternal City
  • 14. Italy {part four]: Land of Pizza, Pirates, and Pompeii
  • 15. Malta: Shipwrecked!
  • Glossary
  • Chapter Reviews
  • Final Exam
  • Answer Keys
  • Maps
A Valuable Homeschool Resource
Review by Virginia
A Child's Geography Vol. 3: Explore the Classical World is a valuable homeschool resource.
This course has 15 chapters and the included schedule is designed to be completed 3 days per week for 36 weeks at a 4th grade level. It could easily be used for advanced 3rd graders or in family group learning with various ages and levels of learning. For younger learners, the adventure challenges and travel journal can be completed orally or by allowing the child to dictate the responses.
The text is reader-friendly and engaging, the illustrations and photos are vibrantly colored, and the activities are varied including written response worksheets, timelines, word scrambles, map drawing prompts, travel journals, recipes, crafts, and much more. Supply lists for various activities and shopping lists for the recipes are included as well. All of this so that learners do not become bored with "just another worksheet." This is a hands-on, interactive curriculum that kids will love. I'm looking forward to using it!
I learned a lot in this course
Review by Lexie
This course is designed to be used from 4th to 6th grade, but even I learned so much reading along this. In my opinion, this would be a great addition to a family geography. This specific course covers from Italy, to Greece, then north up to Romania. The course schedule has it laid out to be used 3 days per week. In this course, you are introduced to a country and learn location of big cities. History is brought forth not only in reading this course, but in the vivid pictures included. Crafts, questions, language studies, a timeline, and even a recipe are included in the text. I feel that it does a great job at covering many areas in the study of each country. Instead of just bland facts stated, you get immersed in the country and the author's descriptions make you feel like you are there. Chapter reviews, a final exam, and the answer key are included in the end of this book.

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