A Child's Geography Vol. 5: Explore Viking Realms


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For grades 6-8

Discover Explore Viking Realms, an engaging Christian homeschool geography curriculum from Master Books’ A Child's Geography series. Ideal for grades 6 and up, this course blends the wonder of God’s creation with the rich history of Northern Europe's Viking regions. Students will enjoy interactive learning through narrative travel readings, hands-on activities like map identification, and building replicas of castles and churches. Enhance your student's devotion to God with Love Your Neighbor readings and prayers and explore culture through optional Tasty Tour recipes. With lessons just 30 to 45 minutes, three days a week, Explore Viking Realms offers a comprehensive and manageable geography education.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title A Child's Geography Vol. 5: Explore Viking Realms
Series A Child's Geography
Volume in Series 5
ISBN 13 9781683443735
Contributors Terri Johnson
Binding Paperback
Page Count 384
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Explore Viking Realms, an exciting Christian homeschool geography curriculum from the A Child's Geography series by Master Books. Perfect for sixth grade students and up, this course takes you on a firsthand adventure through Viking regions, blending the magnificence of God’s creation with the rich history and cultural connections of Northern Europe.

Engaging and Experiential Learning

Dive into engaging narrative travel readings and adventure challenges that make learning geography fun and interactive. Through writing, drawing, creating, exploring, and building, students connect deeply with the material. Hands-on activities such as map identification, creating replicas of castles and churches, and cultural explorations bring the Viking era to life.

Spiritual and Educational Growth

Deepen your spiritual understanding with Love Your Neighbor readings and prayers. Strengthen your biblical knowledge and love for others while exploring God's creation through landforms, animals, and the diverse people of the Viking regions.

Comprehensive and Manageable

This curriculum is designed for grades 6 and up, with lessons that are approximately 30 to 45 minutes each, three days a week. The convenient daily schedule includes well-designed lessons, reflection opportunities, faith tie-ins, and experiential learning. Optional Tasty Tour recipes offer a delicious way to explore culture, while Travel Itineraries encourage students to reflect on memorable aspects of each region.

Key Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Locate countries, capitals, and geographic features of Northern Europe on a map, including the Baltic States, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and the North Atlantic.
  • Create designs and build replicas of historic and modern sites.
  • Discuss, write about, and draw images related to Viking cultural aspects and influences.
  • Identify features of God’s creation in geography.
  • Apply faith-building connections to enhance their biblical understanding and love for neighbors.

Course Features

  • Designed for grades 6 and up
  • Approximately 30 to 45 minutes per lesson, three days a week
  • Convenient daily schedule with well-designed lessons
  • Reflection opportunities, faith tie-ins, and experiential learning
  • Travel itineraries, adventure challenges, activities, reviews, quizzes, and a final exam

Course Objectives

  • Enjoy creative activities and challenges while learning about language, history, geography, and cultures
  • Explore the Viking regions through a mix of geography, history, and travel
  • Demonstrate learning with map activities, reading questions, and hands-on activities
  • Participate in an interactive journey that connects geography to loving our neighbors
  • Complete a variety of assessments to build understanding, application, and critical thinking

Explore Viking Realms is an inspiring and comprehensive educational adventure for Christian homeschool families. Use Master Books' A Child's Geography series to transform your geography lessons into an exciting and spiritually enriching experience!

Table of Contents

  • 1. Lithuania: Of Knights and Crooked Castles
  • 2. Latvia: The Great Amber Way
  • 3. Estonia: The People of the Land
  • 4. Finland: King of the Wood
  • 5. Sweden: The City Between the Bridges
  • 6. Norway: Viking Strong
  • 7. Denmark: The Danish Islands
  • 8. England: Northmen, Royals, and London
  • 9. Southern England: The Seaside Cure
  • 10. Central England: The Ancient Universities
  • 11. Northern England: Tales from Miss Potter’s Farm
  • 12. Scotland: The End of the World
  • 13. Wales: The Hammer and the Dragon
  • 14. Northern Ireland: The Giant’s Narrow Escape
  • 15. Ireland: The Garden Island
  • 16. Iceland: Fire and Ice
Fantastic Geography/History course
Review by Kathleen C
The thing I like most about the books in this geography series is the pictures. There are so many and they are all so vibrant. This curriculum takes you on an adventure through Viking times. Using a mix of geography and history, you will learn about the Baltic States, Scandinavia, The British Isles, and North Atlantic. While you are reading and looking at the pictures it gives you a feeling that you are traveling there. I love that!

There are many maps, photos of beautiful architecture, food experiences, and current-day places to visit.

This volume was written for children in 6th grade and up. You can see that in the activities included for this level. Some of the activities included: making a coat of arms, designing a Viking ship, designing a palace, creating a balance scale, searching for insects and recording your findings, making a topographical map, learning the Lord’s prayer in Gaelic, making an illuminated manuscript, create a castle (this was my son’s favorite- he made quite a bit one), make a geyser.

Included within each section you journey to is a Travel Itinerary that asks you to write down: Must See Places, Geographical features to explore, and Food to Try (so many fantastic choices).

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see God’s hand through the world he created.

Tons of fun
Review by Lyn
We love the series A Child’s Geography and this books has been just as much fun.
I love how engaging this course has been. There are Adventure challenges which can consist of various things from sketching to filling in the blanks and even taking an actual hike out in nature with the family and more. There are also optional fun recipes as part of the Tasty Tour at the end of each chapter. Each recipe is specific to the country learned about in that chapter. There’s also map skills, learning native words from the specific areas covered in each chapter.
The author wrote this book in a way that when your student reads it they will feel like they’re on an actual journey with the author taking a trip personally to each country. This makes it more enjoyable to read and feels less like a typical geography textbook. The pictures and colors are so vivid. I have the pdf form and printed it off at home and it came out so well.
Over all, we will definitely be using this book over and over for each of my rising students.
Go exploring together - from your own home!
Review by JoyfulMommy
This book is a combination of stories, fun activities, recipes, maps, and amazing pictures, all rolled into one easy-to-use textbook with a schedule in the front and discussion points and worksheets throughout. The richly descriptive writing style, combined with brilliant photos, makes us feel like we are right there touring with the author, while the history, geography, and culture of each area are presented in an engaging and interesting way. Biblical worldview is again a strong suit - I appreciate the clarification and explanation given about the difference between forced Christianity for social or political purposes versus a true relationship with Christ. This book offers a fun way to embark on a journey to faraway lands from the convenience of our own home with multiple ages and abilities, making special memories along the way!
Explore Viking Realms
Review by Santina
Explore Viking Realms is an excellent addition to the “A Child’s Geography” series. It is a bit of a higher reading level (middle school) but does an excellent job setting the stage for the geography and history the student will be learning about. The stunning pictures, colorful maps, and bolded vocabulary words and definitions are characteristic of the other books of the series. Explore the Viking Realm lends itself well to family style learning as you can have your middle schooler practice reading for information, reading comprehension, quizzes, written assignments, and travel logs while you include everyone in the reading and hands on portions such as designing your own coat of arms, flag, building a dome, designing your own costumes, labeling maps, and especially developing a love for God’s people. Overall, Explore the Viking Realms is a win for families who want to grow in their faith as they continue family style learning while their older children are growing into higher reading levels and critical thinking skills.
Love it!
Review by Caitlin
We were so excited to dive in and learn! A Child’s Geography as a series helps bring history to life, but the newest addition has been a huge hit. 3 days a week and open and go are two HUGE hits for me in any curriculum. The materials list at the beginning gives a quick and easy reference to be able to make sure you have all materials on hand without having to thumb through the book. The vivid pictures and immediate reference vocabulary are both helpful to learn the material as well as keep attention. There is a good variety of ways to assess knowledge through adventure challenges, questions, and activities. I love the “Love your Neighbor” items that help connect history to the Bible and give current application. This is my favorite way to give history life! The recipes have been my children’s personal favorite and a must do even as an optional activity.
Well done!
Review by Yulia
Explore Viking Realms is a geography and history course. This course talks about the influence of Vikings on The Baltic States, Scandinavia, The British Isles, and North Atlantic. It is a well balanced course with a mix of engaging reading, hands on activities, mazes, worksheets, recipes and maps to name a few. Each week offers a different sort of activity according to the country studied. 

Terri Johnson wrote this course in the style of storytelling and adventure as if a student travels with her to each country and sees it through her eyes. The author highlights important cultural aspects of each country and provides many beautiful pictures to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each.

Even though this course mentions Viking adventures many times, it is well balanced to be interesting to both: boys and girls. I myself enjoyed learning about these beautiful countries. My son is excited to go through this course in the near future. The revised version made this course very user friendly, organized and even more beautiful than it already was.
Exciting Course!
Review by Becky V.
As a big fan of the series A Child’s Geography, I was so excited to see that Volume 5, Explore Viking Realms, had been updated. This series is phenomenal; my kids have loved going through each volume! This is written at a 6th grade level and higher, but is easily adjustable to make it a family learning course.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed using this series is that it is very open and go. Any materials or supplies that you need are listed by chapter at the beginning of the book. The text is set up in a way that each chapter is divided into each day’s readings, and the adventure challenges and worksheets are typically on stand-alone pages. ((This is great for those who buy the digital format- so easy to read the text and look at the beautiful pictures on the tablet and just print out the worksheets!))

I appreciate the variety of activities throughout this course, it is never boring! It is very hands on and interactive. My kids loved the travel journal that was at the end of each chapter that allowed them to reflect on the leg of the journey they just finished. Activities include map work, travel itineraries, tasty tour recipes, and many more, all with a biblical worldview woven through. ((Making a geyser is high on the favorite activities included!))

This course is a great addition to any homeschool family. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a biblically sound geography course that will keep your kids excited for their next journey!
A wonderful final revision for the set!
Review by Sara
My family has absolutely LOVED the MB revisions of A Childs Geography set. Once the final volume was released we couldn’t wait to thumb through it. This volume of course has beautiful colors, the fun conversation tone to keep kiddos engaged and the same 3 days a week schedule you would be used to from previous versions. Each of these books have an exciting topic and my kids have enjoyed every single one. They love the activities within each chapter, the recipes that go along with the countries and mom can be excited that they are also fitting in map work and fact sheets to keep up with any curriculum requirements. I highly recommend this book along with the others in the series-I mean who doesn’t want to learn about vikings from a biblical worldview!?
Review by Becky K.
In the fifth installment of the A Child's Geography series, Master Books has once again brought life into a wonderful series. This book deviates from the typical Master Books setup of a separate student book and teacher book by making putting all aspects in one beautiful book. They make it easy to implement by listing out materials needed per lesson, including their typical weekly lesson schedule, and separating the student reading portion from the review quizzes by placing them at the end of the book.

The stories in this book are engaging, and the photos are full color and beautifully bring the cultures to life. My favorite parts of this book/course include the fact that both history and geography are seamlessly woven together, the creative activities included in each lesson, and the recipes that are included per country. This truly is informative while being fun. Anytime education can be mixed with enjoyment, you'll find children thrive.

While geared towards older students (8th grade is the recommended level), this book does lend itself well to being used with a multitude of ages. The included worksheets require anywhere from a one sentence to a small paragraph answer and there are many opportunities for further research on topics that allow older students to delve into the content more fully. However, the beautiful pictures, maps, and stories would work well as a read aloud with simple narration to make it more approachable for younger children.

This is a fantastic book, and honestly overall series, that I would recommend to anyone.
Review by Laurie
What a course! The author does a fantastic job of teaching kids about each country, from the people who live there to landmarks, flags, architecture, food, and more. My middle school-aged son got so much out of this course, especially how the text reads and the short but impactful lessons. He stayed engaged throughout and looked forward to each lesson. It's an excellent geography course; I highly recommend it.

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