A Jurassic Ark Mystery (DVD)


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All about dinosaurs … and the Bible! In this top-quality drama, Buddy Davis and the Creation Adventure Team explore a dinosaur museum and discover incredible answers to the amazing mystery of the giant lizards! (Bonus features only available on DVD.)

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Title A Jurassic Ark Mystery (DVD)
Series Creation Adventure
UPC Code 780701172496
Contributors Buddy Davis
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 40
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Real-life dinosaur researcher/recording artist Buddy Davis and the rest of the Creation Adventure Team explore a dinosaur museum and discover incredible answers to the amazing mystery of the giant lizards. When did they live? How did they die? What about Noah’s Flood, and how do we know that there were dinosaurs on the Ark? This fun-filled drama also includes animation and animatronics to keep your elementary and junior high aged kids coming back again and again. Fun for adults, too!

Great DVD bonus features!

  • Behind-the-scenes “making of” footage
  • Director’s commentary track
  • Discussion guide
  • Funny out-takes from the cutting room floor
  • Spanish language track
  • Includes English subtitles
  • and more!
Too much action
Review by Olena
My kids enjoy Buddy Davis videos, but they didn't really want to watch this DVD. It was too noisy, too quick, everything was looking like a mess. We like "I dig Dinosaurs" more.
Review by Rozanna
The kids enjoy watching these. Buddy Davis makes learning fun.
Great Family Movie
Review by Sunnie
We love Buddy Davis and this dvd did not disappoint. Our kids are 10, 9, 7, and 5. It was a great learning adventure filled with Bible truths.
We love the Buddy Davis videos
Review by Zenia
My children love all of the Buddy Davis videos. The first time we watched this my son was 9 and my daughter was 7, they were so intrigued by it! His videos always keeps all of my children’s attention and they are learning.
great for homeschool movie day
Review by Carrie
park day got rained on, so we went to the Buddy Davis movies, I will admit, it didnt really keep the attention of my 2 and 4 year old, but my 7 year old (she wants to be a Paleontologist) really liked it!!!
Kids had mixed reviews
Review by Marina
My kids love anything "educational" that doesn't feel like reading or worksheets but they did feel this was a bit cheesy. However it did have really good information and interesting facts but isn't quite an adventure. My kids had mixed reviews about what they thought but I'm glad they were able to watch it because of the information it contained.
Love Buddy Davis!
Review by Elise
My little boys absolutely love these DVDs.
They're engaging, funny and they pack a punch in the learning department. Highly recommend these as a supplement .
Buddy Davis great as always
Review by Christa
This is a great dvd. It is funny like all things with Buddy Davis while still being informative. It has fun animatronic dinosaurs.
My kids Loved this movie
Review by Meghan
My kids LOVE this show - especially my oldest dino loving son. I think they have the whole thing memorized and I have heard them quoting parts of it several times. Lots of information from a creation point of view.
Kids love Buddy Davis!
Review by charity
We just watched this and my 7 yr old and 9 year old loved it! And honestly, wow! The things I’m relearning as an adult! We thought it was very interesting and they immediately wanted to watch another one!

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