A Salute to Service

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Concepts such as patriotism and family values have been mocked, struck down, and absolutely belittled in the past few years. The clear waters of right and wrong have been muddied until younger generations no longer seem to know right from wrong, but are mentally trapped in a murky gray area of “if it feels good do it.” This book by Mike Radford celebrates America, its families, its veterans, and its Christian heritage. Stories of great Americans and reminders of what makes America great are included here, inspiring all of us to return to the things that make this the greatest nation on earth. Contains information on how to create a “Hall of Heroes” for your community, business, church, or school, to honor the courage and sacrifice of American military personnel in the past and present day. As unique as the community that creates it, the Hall of Heroes can contain photos and memorabilia from area service men and women, as well as National Guard units. Not only serving as a timeless record of the generosity and patriotism of the American spirit, the Hall of Heroes can be a wonderful salute to the service given by so many to this nation.

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