About Us

New Leaf Press maintains a strong reputation within the industry for unique, faith-building titles for all ages related to Christian living and incomparable gift books with enduring truths.  Working with accomplished speakers, pastors, and ministry leaders, this line of books is all about inspiring believers and the church in a world struggling to understand God’s relevance and His love.

In 1996, New Leaf Press bought Master Books, also established in 1975 by the late Dr. Henry Morris and Tim LaHaye as what has come to be known as the largest publishing house in the world that publishes creation-based material exclusively. Since coming under New Leaf Publishing Group’s corporate umbrella, Master Books has enjoyed tremendous growth as a trusted source of vital resources in defending the faith. With a strong vision and a powerful mission statement as its guide, Master Books stands uncompromisingly on God’s inerrant Word. 

Needed now more than ever, the apologetics books and Christian curriculum resources with a biblical worldview are equipping generations of Christians to stand solidly in a lost and fallen world.

Together New Leaf Press and Master Books publish around 30 to 40 titles a year.

In 2009, New Leaf Publishing Group expanded with the addition of Attic Books, an imprint which chooses very select Christian titles from before the 20th century for replication. Using a process that preserves the natural aged look and unique styles of the period, these timeless classics are reborn for a new generation. From timelines to biographies and reference titles, these books are special treasures.

Our Promise to You

We work hard each day to provide you with the service, quality, and resources you need to make important buying decisions for yourself and your family. Whether you need books for your church or you are making curriculum decisions, it is an honor for us to be able to serve you to the best of our ability. If we can be of assistance in any way, please feel free to contact us.