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Adam: First and the Last (Download)


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Is the Adam we read about in Genesis a real man or a myth? Many contemporary theologians, seminary professors, and even pastors now teach that Adam is a mere myth, fable, or figurative character. In Adam: First and the Last, Simon Turpin challenges this heresy, reveals its evolutionary roots, and addresses the repercussions of such beliefs on the Gospel message. Salvation in Christ alone, requires faith in God’s creation of the First Adam and redemption through the Last Adam, Jesus Christ. Find the tools needed to counter these false teachings and remain grounded in the authority of the Bible in Turpin’s Christian apologetic resource: Adam: First and the Last.

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Adam: First and the Last

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Title Adam: First and the Last (Download)
Contributors Simon Turpin
Page Count 248
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Are you prepared to defend the biblical account of Adam as a living man formed by God? Many theologians, pastors, and philosophers now teach that the Adam we find in Genesis was a myth, story, or parable. In Adam: First and the Last, Simon Turpin – Ex. Director of Answers in Genesis, UK/ Europe, reveals why understanding Adam to have been the first man created is critical for a consistent theological understanding of the biblical message of creation, the fall, and redemption.

“If you deny the ‘First Adam,’ not only do you deny the sufficiency of Scripture and undermine its authority, but you ultimately attack the life, teaching, and person of the ‘Last Adam,’ our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ken Ham, CEO of The Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, & Answers in Genesis

The very teachings of Jesus regarding creation and the flood are being attacked on the basis that, because of His human nature, there was error in some of His teaching. The theory of biological evolution, though lacking evidence, is why many reject Adam as a historical individual or see him as anything other than the originating head of the human race.

The church is facing a crisis because too few of her people and leaders understand the consequences of combining the Bible and evolution. Sadly today, more and more evangelical Christian scholars are having to redefine passages of Scripture because they have adopted the idea of evolution and millions of years into their thinking. These questions may be the biggest doctrinal issues facing our generation, and the church’s attitude toward them could be a defining moment in Christianity.

Adam: First and the Last will prepare you, your family, and your church to stand against today’s false teachers and strengthen your faith in the infallible Word of God. Turpin offers a true biblical apologetic that will be used for decades and even centuries to help the Body of Christ hold fast to their confession of faith without wavering (Hebrews 10:23).

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Adam, Who Art Thou?
  • 2. Genesis 1: In the Space of Six Days
  • 3. Genesis 2: Defending the Supernatural Creation of Adam
  • 4. Genesis 3: In Adam's Fall We Sinned All
  • 5. The First Adam: The History of Adam's Descendants
  • 6. The First Adam: Science and the Origin of Mankind
  • 7. The First Adam: Original Sin - How Original Is It?
  • 8. The Last Adam: His Humanity
  • 9. The Last Adam: His Deity
  • 10. The Last Adam: His View of Scripture
  • 11. The Last Adam: His Life-Giving Resurrection
  • 12. The Last Adam: The Gospel Begins in Creation
Deep and meaningful
Review by Dustie
The entire premise of this book is that one must be secure in sound doctrine to share the gospel of Jesus. Basically, it’s all true, or none of it is true. It has now become commonplace for many who claim to be believers to follow a secular worldview, discounting many of the accounts in the Bible, to include that of creation and of Jesus as our sinless Savior. When this is the mindset someone has, it cheapens the message of the gospel for them, and it makes it easier to doubt. An evolutionary worldview and a Biblical worldview cannot be mixed together like a new recipe. The two are incompatible. This book helps to break down the issues surrounding the confusion caused by adopting a secular worldview. The author addresses how those who twist the scriptures or try to fit evolution into the Bible are throwing the clear biblical concepts of the inerrancy of scripture and original sin out the window. The author uses scriptural backing for his thoughts. This is helpful for anyone looking for answers as to where these incorrect ideas are coming from, where to find the answers in scripture, and how to answer these questions when we’re asked. I also think this would be a helpful book for a senior getting ready to head off into the world on their own.
A Scriptural, Apologetic Look at the First and Last Adam
Review by JoyfulMommy
This book is a fascinating and eye-opening exploration of the literal historicity of the first man, Adam, and his relation to the rest of Scripture. It’s amazing to realize how much this understanding undergirds major doctrines including original sin, which of course directly relates to the need for salvation and the hope of the gospel. The author discusses various differing viewpoints about the origin and identity of Adam, particularly from theistic evolutionists, and refutes them based on a literal rendering of Genesis which is consistent with Jesus and the apostles’ view of the Old Testament. He insists that, “The only way to consistently maintain the inerrancy and supreme authority of Scripture is by using Scripture to interpret Scripture.”

Besides just looking at Genesis, there is a great deal here about the deity and humanity of Jesus, the truthfulness of His words, the relation of the gospel to all other world religions (and the history of how they started), and many other like topics. I appreciate how the author dives into the original language in the texts and relates them to other passages to gain a fuller understanding. While fairly in-depth in itself, this book holds potential to be a tremendous springboard for further study with many Scripture references throughout, and extensive notes and sources at the end of each chapter.

I think this quote summarizes the main points of the book very well:
“Those who reject a historical Adam or reinterpret him as something other than the first man God created, do so because they have elevated the wisdom of men over the revelation of God. However, Paul reminded the Corinthian church that human wisdom cannot benefit us before God, as He rejects all that rests on human wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:20–25, 3:19). Instead, Paul reminded them that Christ, who is the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:24; cf. Colossians 2:3), is far superior to that of any philosophy. The wisdom of the Greeks could not recognize the most profound wisdom of all when they were challenged with it. The truth of the creation of the first man, Adam, embodies true wisdom — the wisdom of God, not the wisdom of the age.”

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