Adventures in the Physical World: Level 2


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For Ages 6-8

Adventures in the Physical World, Level 2 of Master Books’ award-winning Let’s Talk Science series, builds on your child’s love for God and curiosity about His creation. Through exploration, investigations, and biblically inspired stories, this homeschool curriculum for second grand level students reveals that science supports what they read in the Bible

Their faith will grow as they study energy, force, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. Grab your camera to capture the delight and wonder on their faces as they complete the experiments which are easy to prepare. This one-year course is designed to be studied three times a week with lessons that can be completed in approximately 20 minutes.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 2.30
Title Adventures in the Physical World: Level 2
Series Let's Talk Science
Volume in Series 2
ISBN 13 9781683442103
Contributors Carrie Lindquist
Binding Paperback
Page Count 360
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Guide your students on an exciting scientific journey through the physical world! Adventures in the Physical World is Level 2 of Master Books’ award-winning Let’s Talk Science curriculum series. Through hands-on investigations and biblically inspired stories, second grade level homeschool students will explore and experience God’s fascinating world as they study energy, force, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. Their faith will grow as they discover that science supports what they read in the Bible.

This beautiful course is hands-on fun, biblically sound, and a delight to teach. You will enjoy teaching your children how science supports the biblical account of God’s creation.

Inside this full-color, grab and go workbook, you will find:

  • Memory verses with hand motions to help students memorize Bible passages
  • Discussion Starters that encourage students to dive deeper into the topics they’re learning
  • Activity pages for students to create their own Science Notebook to share

Course Objectives

Students completing this course will:

  • Explore energy, force, motion, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology
  • Discover that science teaches many lessons about God and our relationship with Him
  • Learn through hands-on exploration and experimentation
  • Compile a Science Notebook to document their discoveries and share what they’ve learned with others

Course Overview

This course is designed to be interactive with students, as they are given the opportunity to stop and discuss answers to questions in the text. The course explores questions such as:

  • What is energy?
  • How do simple machines work?
  • What is matter?
  • What are the planets like?
  • Why does the earth have seasons?
  • How does the water cycle work?
  • How do mountains form?

Students will be able to answer these questions and many more as they investigate their way through God’s world around them.

Supplemental video instruction is offered at

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Physical World
  • 2. Potential and Kinetic Energy
  • 3. Mechanical Energy
  • 4. Friction and Force
  • 5. Pulleys
  • 6. Gears
  • 7. Levers
  • 8. Chemical Energy
  • 9. Matter
  • 10. Magnets
  • 11. Electrical Energy
  • 12. Thermal Energy
  • 13. Light Energy
  • 14. Nuclear Energy
  • 15. The Sun
  • 16. Moon
  • 17. Stars
  • 18. Constellations
  • 19. The Solar System 1
  • 20. The Solar System 2
  • 21. Intro to Meteorology
  • 22. Weather Instruments
  • 23. The Atmosphere
  • 24. Clouds 1
  • 25. Clouds 2
  • 26. The Water Cycle
  • 27. Seasons
  • 28. Intro to Geology
  • 29. Earthquakes
  • 30. Mountains
  • 31. Volcanoes
  • 32. Igneous Rocks
  • 33. Sedimentary Rocks
  • 34. Metamorphic Rocks
  • 35. Fossils
  • 36. Conclusion
Just perfect!
Review by Ashley
So many great things to say about this curriculum! First of all I love that everything is in one book, the lessons, answer key, schedule, supply list Everything you need is all in one place! I love that the lessons don’t take forever to do and it has just enough writing for a 2nd grader without be overwhelming. The science experiments/activities are so fun and easy to do, nothing too crazy and most of the supplies we needed was already in our house! On days when we are feeling a little lazy or sluggish and didn’t feel like doing experiments, we watched the Masterbooks academy video lessons which are really fun and engaging and the experiments are done by real kids! Such a great curriculum, we will def. be purchasing level 3 next for the fall :)
Love the biblical facts
Review by Ada
My 7 year old and I both enjoyed this book. Most of the experiments use basic supplies. I love that each lesson ends with a scripture and biblical truth.
Praise God for a faith-growing science course!
Review by Charity
This book was what got us started with Master Books and convinced me that worldview is the most important factor in our homeschool curriculum.

Before Master Books, I had been using a literature based curriculum with books from the library to study science. By the time we got around to studying space, I was completely frustrated. How could I teach my daughter that the heavens declare the glory of God and what truth is if every other paragraph contained evolution, environmentalism, mythology, or astrology?

I listened to talks by Ken Ham and Israel Wayne and I finally saw that education can't be neutral. I decided to order LTS2 to see how it went.

This book definitely lives up to the faith grower guarantee. We have all grown so much since starting this course, and my daughter is excited to learn even more about God's Creation
We love science!!
Review by Nichole
This has been a wonderful series for my youngest to learn science. As a science nerd myself I enjoy teaching alongside and ensuring God is included in science. Something I definitely didn’t get as a public schooler. I love being able to always point back to God in our learning adventure. My daughter is really excited to start the next level and create her science journal.
Easy to use, thorough and fun!
Review by Celeste
We loved doing this science book this year! So easy to use, great experiments that used easy to access stuff. I also felt like it covered the material very well. Loved that I didn't have to worry about anything, just open and go!
Best Science Book
Review by Jessica
This science course is so fun for the whole family. The experiments are easy to do with things you generally have on hand at home. Who doesn’t love making a catapult to throw candy across the room?!? I focus on science being about exposure in the elementary years and this course was perfect for that.
Review by Brittney
My kids think science is “awesome” now! They have always begged to do hands on projects and now we are able to do that thanks to MB! I love that most of the supplies are things I already have on hand and the approach is wonderful!
Fun and interesting
Review by N
My kid loves these series, his learning style is kinesthetic and these books are a perfect fit for him.
Not too time consuming
Review by Jennifer
I love that the week is broken up into days already. The pages are eye catching and helped my son to love and look forward to science time!
Love this series!
Review by Diane
We are a huge fan of this series! I love how everything is presented with a biblical worldview. I did this book with my 7 and 5 year old and they always looked forward to science days. The experiments do a great job of bringing the lesson to life and help solidify the concepts they learned throughout the week!
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