Adventures in the Scientific Method: Level 4


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For ages 8-10

Your fourth-grade level student will love exploring marine biology, chemistry and more using Adventures in the Scientific Method, Level 4 of Master Books award-winning Let’s Talk Science homeschool series.  They will also learn about worldview and how important it is in how we interpret evidence!

Through conversational lessons, hands-on experimentation, observation, and documentation, students encounter God’s design as they explore matter, elements, the carbon cycle, measurements, worldview, classification, the ocean, tide pools, coral reefs, algae, seagrass, and marine life.

Lessons can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. This one-year course is designed to be studied five times a week.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Adventures in the Scientific Method: Level 4
Series Let's Talk Science
Volume in Series 4
ISBN 13 9781683442899
Contributors Carrie Lindquist
Binding Paperback
Page Count 378
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Going deeper into creation, Level 4 of the Let’s Talk Science series takes students through the basics of the scientific method. In this beautiful, full-color science curriculum, homeschool students discover God’s wisdom in chemistry and marine biology. Students will explore systems of measurements, elements of the periodic table, and various marine plants and animals, all while diving deeper into God’s Word and His character.

A continuation of our science journey with Ben and Hannah, Let’s Talk Science 4: Adventures in the Scientific Method is an interactive and easy-to-use science course. Your student’s faith and curiosity will be encouraged!

Along the way, they’ll discover Hidden Treasures that teach them more about their relationship with God as they encounter His wisdom, power, and majesty on display in creation. The learning process in Adventures in the Scientific Method includes:

  • Conversational lessons, “apply it” activities, lab reports, and Bible memory verses
  • Vocabulary words bolded throughout and a Science Notebook students create
  • Conducting experiments and building model biomes

Course Objectives:

Students completing this course will:

  • Explore elements of chemistry and marine biology, including the scientific method, lab reports, measurements, matter, the periodic table of elements, mixtures, solutions, chemistry application, tides, tide pools, algae, seagrass, coral reefs, and marine life.
  • Uncover how our worldview impacts the study of science and learn a simple question to discern observational science from historical science.
  • Learn how to apply the scientific method and create their own lab reports.
  • Discover that science teaches many lessons about God and our relationship with Him.

Compile a unique Science Notebook as they document what they’ve learned and share it with others.

Table of Contents

  • Course Description
  • Course Objectives
  • A Note from the Author
  • Course Overview and Components
  • Helpful Tips
  • Master Materials List
  • Schedule
  • 1. The Adventure Begins
  • 2. Science Through History
  • 3. The Scientific Method
  • 4. Lab Reports
  • 5. Systems of Measurement
  • 6. Mass & Matter
  • 7. Describing Matter
  • 8. Building Blocks of Matter
  • 9. Elements
  • 10. Periodic Table of Elements
  • 11. Molecules
  • 12. The Carbon Cycle
  • 13. Mixtures & Solutions
  • 14. Chemistry Around Us
  • 15. Worldview 1
  • 16. Worldview 2
  • 17. Observational & Historical Science
  • 18. Living Things
  • 19. Classification
  • 20. Marine Biology
  • 21. Ocean Movement
  • 22. Tide Pools 1
  • 23. Tide Pools 2
  • 24. Algae & Seagrass
  • 25. Marine Food Chain
  • 26. The Coral Reef
  • 27. The Great Barrier Reef
  • 28. Whales 1
  • 29. Whales 2
  • 30. Conservation
  • 31. Scientific Method in Marine Biology
  • 32. Sharks 1
  • 33. Sharks 2
  • 34. Arctic Ocean 1
  • 35. Arctic Ocean 2
  • 36. Review
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Glossary
  • Answers Keys
WOW! Awesome science
Review by Amy
Love, love this series. Sad that this is the last level to the series. But I will get to enjoy it again with my other two. This year I used it with my 4th and 7th grader. As with the level 3, we put this science in a 3 ring binder and than I added a blank sheet to each chapter so when they drew we kept it all together in the binder.
Another great book in this series
Review by Sarah
We love all the science books in the Adventure series. I love that we have been able to teach both my 7 and 9 year old at the same time. The material is very engaging for them and they love the experiments throughout the book. We also love that the lessons are short and it keeps them interested throughout the entire lesson.
Great book but,
Review by Katie
Great book. We love the short lessons. But I find that some of the info is a little hard for a 4th grader. I'm considering putting this book down and trying again next year.
Love the series
Review by LC
My 10 year old son has done this entire series and is sad to be done after this year. We have really enjoyed the layout, how easy it is to implement and my son, who hates drawing, actually said his favorite part is drawing in his sketch book at the end of each lesson. The information is just enough for this age group without getting too technical and in depth. There were times he wanted to delve into something more and we were able to do that as needed via library books, videos, etc.
Such a fun series!
Review by Mar7
My kids love this series! Even my younger kids who aren't school aged yet want to be a part of it. I enjoyed it and even learned some stuff myself. I love that it's two kids talking. we roll play and each person takes turns reading it. I love they tell you how to say harder words and we loved the journal. We loved everything about it. We were really hoping they would do a level 5 this coming year. My oldest is a little bummed she doesn't get to do it this coming year. I 100% recommend it! The whole family will love it.
This entire series is AMAZING
Review by Tamara
I think out of all the language arts, math, and history books we have purchased, this science series has been my daughter’s favorite. She especially enjoyed level 4 being more “mature” as far as the writing and illustrations and she REALLY enjoyed being able to complete this book on her own with very little help from me! The experiments are the cherry on top—she is sad to have arrived at the end of this series and hopes that Elements of Faith will be as good.
Solid course
Review by Heather
I wasn’t sure we were ready for Heaven and Earth, so we went with this new level because we loved Level 2 so much! It feels slower, but the information is great. The scientific method isn’t super exciting, so I don’t have any advice for making it more engaging, but looking forward to getting to the marine biology portion!
Easy to Use for Science Concepts
Review by Greta
I am a fan of the Adventures series. Maybe it is just me but my daughter and I haven’t been quite as impressed with this level so far. The material is a bit dry though it could be that chemistry isn’t as exciting for us as the ecology was… my daughter is very artistic so the biomes were something that ignited her creativity. However, I think we will enjoy the marine biology aspect of it better later in the year so we are working through the less exciting material. My daughter actually makes fun of the characters so I wonder if the author adds another level, if she could make it more age appropriate. Maybe drop the characters and come up with another interesting way to present the material? This may seem like a negative review but I am just being honest. The material itself is great in that it is uncomplicated and presents the concepts clearly with easy hands on activities and pointing everything back to a biblical worldview from matter, mass, atoms, molecules, etc which I really appreciate!
Elementary Science with a Christian Worldview
Review by Kelly Ann
We absolutely love the “Adventures…” series from Masterbooks. We’ve been using the series for a couple years now and I’m so happy to see that there are additional volumes being created each year. Volume Four focuses on chemistry and marine biology, which we’re really excited about (especially the marine biology portion)! I like that there are plenty of hands-on activities to really help engage students.

I always appreciate how Masterbooks keeps their books so organized in that all lessons are already planned out. This is such a timesaver for me. There’s even a complete listing of all materials that we’ll need for the school year. Each lesson offers a little bit of everything, making learning fun, which always helps in keeping my son engaged. All of this, combined with the fact that it offers science through a Biblical worldview, makes this science curriculum an all around winner!

I received this product for free in exchange for this post
Fantastic Science Curriculum
Review by Kathleen
Covers- Chemistry and Marine Biology

I love the conversational lessons, hands on experiments and personalized science notebooks. This book teaches children what the scientific method is and how to uses it in lab reports. Your child will also learn the periodic table of elements.

Children learn through this course that science teaches many lessons about God and our relationship with Him.

My absolute favorite is the Biome models that are fun and educational.

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