Adventures in the World Around Me: Level K (Download)

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In Level K young students will learn about the world they can see and experience around them as the course lays the groundwork for future learning with lots of fun.

  • Includes a helpful vocabulary component as well as activities and worksheets to apply their knowledge
  • Encourages students to actively work in their Science Notebook, and offers extended learning opportunities through Digging Deeper
  • Hidden Treasures focus on biblical connections and a relationship with God
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A Look Inside

Join the adventures of Gideon and his beloved teddy bear, Mr. Snuggly, as they lead you on an exploration of the world around you.

From learning about taste and hearing to discovering things about yourself and God, this kindergarten course is a simple way for young students to begin to understand science and the methods we use to explain it. Along the way, students will marvel at the greatness of God and His amazing creation! This course includes:

  • Engaging stories from Gideon about his adventures and learning
  • Simple activities and crafts to strengthen the student’s understanding of the topics
  • Bible verses to connect real-world concepts to biblical truths

OVERVIEW: This course is designed to be interactive with students, as they are given the opportunity to stop and answer questions in the text. The course explores questions such as: What are the five senses? How can I take care of myself and God’s creation around me? What is a habitat? When did God create the sun, moon, and stars? Why do we have daytime and nighttime? How do fossils form? Students will be able to answer these questions and many more as they investigate their way through God’s creation. Let’s Talk Science: Adventures in the World Around Me is hands-on fun, easy to prepare for, and it will encourage your student’s curiosity!

Table of Contents

  • Course Objectives
  • A Note from the Author
  • Course Components
  • Master Materials List
  • Schedule
  • 1. All About Me
  • 2. Things I Can Taste
  • 3. Things I Can Hear
  • 4. Things I Can Feel
  • 5. Things I Can Smell
  • 6. Things I Can See
  • 7. Taking Care of Me 1
  • 8. Taking Care of Me 2
  • 9. Tools We Use in Science
  • 10. Light and Shadows
  • 11. Primary and Secondary Colors
  • 12. Size
  • 13. Shape
  • 14. Exploring My World
  • 15. Water
  • 16. Heat
  • 17. Living and Non-Living
  • 18. Plants
  • 19. Trees
  • 20. Birds
  • 21. Fish
  • 22. Sharks
  • 23. Whales and Dolphins
  • 24. Animals
  • 25. Reptiles
  • 26. Habitats
  • 27. Caring for the World Around Us
  • 28. The Weather
  • 29. Spring & Summer
  • 30. Fall & Winter
  • 31. Daytime
  • 32. Nighttime
  • 33. Rocks & Minerals
  • 34. Fossils
  • 35. Dinosaurs
  • 36. Conclusion
  • Junior Science Certificate
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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Adventures in the World Around Me: Level K
Series Let's Talk Science
Volume in Series K
Contributors Carrie Lindquist
Page Count 168
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.
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