Adventures of Missionary Heroism (Download)

Adventures of Missionary Heroism (Download)


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Among the annals of missionary service around the world are countless true stories of intrepid men and women. They braved innumerable dangers, toils, tragedies, and triumphs and made important discoveries. These accounts should be read and passed on to future generations—not in order to praise these brave men and women, but to give glory to the name of Jesus Christ. It was for Him that their lives were dedicated and often sacrificed. These are men and women of whom the world “was not worthy” (Hebrews 11:38). May these stories of those who have gone before inspire and encourage the current and future ranks of Christians, both young and old alike, to give everything for the sake of Jesus Christ.

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Title Adventures of Missionary Heroism (Download)
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Be inspired by stirring true accounts of famous missionaries! During the 19th century, many courageous and faithful missionaries were traveling to the ends of the earth to spread the Gospel. They braved innumerable dangers, toils, and tragedies. Originally published in 1912, each chapter within this volume is devoted to a specific missionary and provides a biography, as well as stories of their time in the field.

  • Meet over 20 inspiring individuals of faith
  • Discover their call to missions service and their sacrifices
  • Explore the dangers and challenges of these pioneering servants of Christ

In addition, the book also highlights the work these believers accomplished, such as translating the Bible, providing medical aid, and converting people to Christianity. This book covers missionaries from around the world and from several different Christian denominations who served in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and the Pacific. May these stories of those who have gone before inspire and encourage the current and future ranks of Christians, both young and old alike, to give everything for the sake of Jesus Christ.

The historical accounts of the missionaries presented in Adventures in Missionary Heroism offer tangible, real-life examples of how to “deny ourselves, take up our cross daily, and follow” in the footsteps of Jesus. Written from an eyewitness viewpoint, these are some of the greatest stories of faith to be appended on the Hebrews 11 list of the heroes of the faith.

Students and their parents will be inspired by these men and women who gave up their real lives in a real world. They faced real enemies for a real cause in order that real people might receive a real Gospel. They literally changed the world! The remarkable sacrifice and authentic love of these faithful missionaries offers vision for Christian living as well as a world history education.

Adventures in Missionary Heroism is an excellent read aloud for homeschool families. It is included in the History of the World curriculum designed for 10th - 12th grade students.

Table of Contents

  • Part I: Asia
    • 1. In the Steppes and Deserts of Mongolia
    • 2. In the Country of the Telugus
    • 3. A Japanese Adventure
    • 4. "From Far Formosa"
    • 5. "The Savior of Liao Yang"
  • Part II: Africa
    • 6. "The Hero of Uganda"
    • 7. The Lion-Hearted Bishop
    • 8. Vortrekkers in Barotseland
    • 9. A Pioneer in Garenganze
    • 10. A Tramp Through the Great Pygmy Forest
  • Part III: America
    • 11. Among the Indians and Eskimos of Hudson Bay
    • 12. The "Praying Master" of the Redskins
    • 13. In the Land of the Dakotas
    • 14. In the Forests of Guiana
    • 15. The Sailor Missionary of Tierra del Fuego: Part I
    • 16. The Schooner of Keppel Island: Part II
  • Part IV: South Pacific
    • 17. The Martyr of Melanesia
    • 18. One of the Unreturning Brave
History must read
Review by Kari
My daughter was a little hesitant about this book, we are using it along with World's Story and she is loving it. The quality of this book is very high and it is one I highly recommend all to read. She loves the stories.
Review by Kari
I did not expect this book to be so addictive. That seems like a strange word but learning about the heroism of past missionaries and how their courage applies and encourages us today really does make it additive. This is a wonderful resource to help my children and myself learn about the heroes of the faith and how amazing God is at providing for His people!

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