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Children and families will laugh, sing-along, and learn animal and nature facts that are all based in the truth of what the Bible says. You will learn about the many species and variations within bears and how they all originate from the biblical kind, God calling us to be fishers of men, the raising of the mountains and lowering of valleys, the value of gold in the Bible, and more! So bring the whole family together and get ready for another “Amazing Adventure” with Buddy Davis!

Join Buddy Davis in this 4th episode of the “Amazing Adventures” DVD series as he treks through the wilderness of Alaska!

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Title Alaska!
Series Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures
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Contributors Buddy Davis
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 25
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Join Buddy Davis as he treks through the incredible wilderness of Alaska! Children and families will laugh, sing along, and discover animal and nature facts that are all based in the truth of the Bible. You will learn about the many species and variations of bears and how they all originate from one biblical "kind", plus the origin of the mountains and valleys, the value of gold in the Bible, God calling us to be fishers of men, and more! So gather the whole family and get ready for another "Amazing Adventure" with creation-adventurer Buddy Davis!

Review by Sarah
Buddy Davis is the best! His enthusiasm, knowledge and fun songs are always so fun!
These movies are so well done!
Review by Jennifer
My family has all the Buddy Davis adventure movies and we will buy every one that he makes because they are so well done, engaging, fun, and informative. My kids have mentioned how to handle encountering a bear from watching this. They really pay attention, which is extra wonderful because he also shares the gospel in his movies. We love them all!
So fun and exciting! We love this series so much!
Review by Lauren
This series is so fun, education, musical, and exciting. I'm so happy to have taken the leap and invested in some Buddy Davis DVDs for our home library. The Alaska DVD is so fun, and has experiences that we may not be able to see or learn about otherwise. As a big family with babies and toddlers right now, we can't just pack up and go to Alaska. We live in a tropical state so my children are fascinated by the snow, glaciers, and mammals they've never heard of before. This ties in with our unit studies as well. The music is so fun. I am looking to buy a Buddy Davis album now. My two year old is captivated by this adventurous series, and that says something. I say take the plunge and get this one, Ice Age, and Swamp Man! :)
Love Buddy Davis!
Review by Jessica
My kids are 6 and 8, and they LOVE Buddy Davis. We have this and the Ice Age, and this one is their favorite, so far.
Kids enjoy it
Review by Rozanna
The kids enjoy watching these. Buddy Davis makes learning fun. Love the christian view point.
Another Winner
Review by Carla
The Buddy Davis DVDs exceeded my expectations. My boys loved them. They particular liked this one on Alaska. They love the wildlife and nature presented in such a fun way.
Other videos rank higher on our faves list
Review by TheMinistryMama
This one out of the four we have is our least favorite, although our kids did laugh about the "survival skills" list. Buddy Davis' personality and teaching style is very friendly. The kids love to watch him and enjoyed this video with the songs and graphics too. I wish that all of the scripture references were in KJV.
Just as great as the others
Review by JH
As a family we have really loved these adventurous dvds by Buddy Davis. This is no exception. We're intrigued by Alaska, but have never been. This is inspirational and fun.
Bible Verses included!
Review by Jacqueline
This video series is excellent! My kids 2-11 enjoyed it very much. We love the Bible verses incorporated throughout the DVD. It's the 2nd DVD in this series we have purchased and we will buy more!
Love it
Review by Kari
My children and I love every Buddy Davis adventure, wether its a book or dvd. He is so informative and fun and his stories and voice captivate my children and me! He is a blessing!

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