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For Grade Level 9-12

Teacher guide to our high school American History Set. Students will develop their Christian worldview while studying the political and faith perspectives which have impacted American history and cultural changes over time.

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Title American History-Teacher
Subtitle Observations & Assessments from Early Settlement to Today
Series Stobaugh History
ISBN 13 9780890516430
Contributors James Stobaugh
Binding Perfect Bound with Perforated 3-Hole Punched Pages
Page Count 282
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11 x 1/2

A rigorous, classical approach to history with an emphasis on analysis!

Designed for students to practice and develop their independent learning. Students will journey on a trip across America as they survey the history of America from native peoples, European settlements, nation-building, and expansion through the modern age in James Stobaugh's American History Set.

In American History, your student will develop an understanding of American history trends, philosophies, and events through the use of:

  • Critical thinking questions based roughly on Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Examinations of historical theories surrounding a period or topic
  • Clarified terms, concepts, and theories to be learned
  • History makers who clearly changed the course of history
  • Overviews and insights into world views

American History Teacher Guide:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule - saving you time!
  • Perforated, three-hole punched assignments
  • Student worksheets, critical thinking questions, and exams
  • Answer keys with grading criteria
  • Learning objectives
  • Short essay questions to help the student comprehend and apply the information presented

Course Features:

  • Approximately 20-30 minutes per lesson, 5 days per week
  • Designed for grades 9-12 in a one-year history course
  • Can be combined with Stobaugh's literature curriculum for an integrated history/literature course
Great History Book
Review by Amanda
My freshman is loving this American History book. Love the way part of it ties in with his Lit class.
Nice and straightforward
Review by Kathryn
Appreciate the basic worksheet approach which helps with reading comprehension without being overwhelming. Extras suggested but not required. Really like the schedule print out at the beginning of the teacher’s guide as it’s an easy way to keep track of grades and lends to more independent study.
Simple To Use
Review by Angela
My daughter has enjoyed American History and is excited to be doing this study this year. I would recommend.
Great Addition
Review by Tasha
This is a great addition to the text book. It gives a variety of assignments without overwhelming the student. I also love the included schedule!
Simple and Flexible
Review by Kelley
MB has the simplest, most straightforward plans that are easy for both kids and moms to keep up with, and this course is no exception. Days 1-4 of each week consist of a short reading followed by a comprehension check-up. On day 5, students work on a semester project of their choice (or yours!) . My history-loving 11th grader is working on a Trail Life genealogy badge this semester and will write a research paper next semester. My creative 8th grader is currently doing a series of historical costume designs from the periods she is studying. I love that the schedule allows for individualized learning.
We use both
Review by Sara
We have both the essay type teacher guide and the multiple choice versions we combine both teacher guides so far the Pocahontas assignment has been our oldest favorite
Review by marcie
My 15 yr old son is really enjoying this history book! He has always liked history. I really like the biblical perspective in this book. I also appreciate the short lessons with multiple choice questions. I know my son will continue to learn so much about American history . I'm learning too! I like the discussions we are having.
Good books!
Review by Nutmeg4204
Love the schedule in the front which makes it easy to keep track of days and grades! Love that I can copy worksheets and keep the rest for younger siblings. The book is made really well. I just copied and kept the book whole. However, it is 3 hole punched and perforated so that you could easily tear them out and put them in a binder.
Perfect Accompaniment to the Student Book
Review by Kal's Mom
American History made easy. The daily schedule is clear and concise and goes perfectly with the Student book. This is a high school level course and the student should be able to complete the work without assistance. It is so well written and covers amazing topics that I plan on going through this course with my son.

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