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For Grades 6 - 8

America's Famous Spies: Notable Lives from History is a fun and engaging reader for students or anyone with a love for American history. Explore the lives and accomplishments of 10 famous spies from history. These fascinating stories incorporate well for students in grades 6-8 in many areas of study including history, language arts, vocabulary words and definitions, and cultural insights.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title America's Famous Spies
Subtitle Notable Lives from History
Series What A Character! Notable Lives from History
ISBN 13 9781683443636
Contributors Marilyn Boyer
Binding Paperback
Page Count 136
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 7 x 9

Meet unforgettable people and animals in the What a Character! Notable Lives from History series as you enjoy 10 real stories within each book!

Designed to be fun and engaging for students or anyone with a love for history, these readers include a fascinating focus on important, influential, and visionary people, along with heroic animal escapades! From scientists to famous women to war heroes and more, there is something of interest for everyone in this exciting series!

This volume, America's Famous Spies, is recommended for Grade 6 and up and includes:

  • Nathan Hale, Spy and Hero
  • Lydia Darragh, Quaker Spy
  • Washington's Spies, The Culper Ring
  • Anna Strong, Petticoat Spy
  • James Armistead Lafayette, Double Spy
  • Belle Boyd, Teen-aged Spy
  • Emma Edmonds, Nurse and Spy
  • Dabney and Lucy Walker, Clothesline Spies
  • The Ghost Army
  • The Navajo Code Talkers

Each book can be read in any order and includes colorful and fun images. Definitions are included to help readers learn the new words they will discover. Read for enjoyment or as an extension of your history, science, or language arts curriculum.

Table of Contents

  • American War of Independence
    • 1. Nathan Hale — Spy and Hero
    • 2. Lydia Darragh — Quaker Spy
    • 3. Washington’s Spies — The Culper Ring
    • 4. Anna Strong — Petticoat Spy
    • 5. James Armistead Lafayette — Double Spy
  • The Civil War
    • 6. Belle Boyd — Teen-aged Spy
    • 7. Emma Edmonds — Nurse and Spy
    • 8. Dabney and Lucy Walker — Clothesline Spies
  • World War II
    • 9. The Ghost Army
    • 10. The Navajo Code Talkers
  • Glossary
  • Corresponding Curriculum
  • Endnotes
So interesting!
Review by Erica
My 7 and 10 year olds really enjoyed this book. The learned all about the courage and sacrifice these brave men and women had while helping our country. They keep asking for just one more chapter--these books are hard to put down!
Engaging Stories
Review by Kathleen C
This book tells the stories of several spies during the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War II. The stories are engaging, great to keep a young reader/s interest.
Included are many definition throughout the stories with a glossary in the back of the book. Also includes are maps of the battles. The back of the book also contains a comparison chart for using these stories alongside other MasterBooks curriculum. This is a great resource for a young reader.
Brings history to life!
Review by JoyfulMommy
These are fascinating stories that bring history to life from a “living history” perspective! Each story highlights the courage and character of the hero and teaches history in a way that will stick in your mind without even realizing you're learning. For instance, we felt like we were dropped down into Lydia Darraugh’s home as we breathlessly followed her courageous exploits to relay crucial information to General Washington!

While it’s labeled as 6-8 grade, we have enjoyed it as a read aloud, and even my third grader is enjoying reading it herself (there are war stories, so we talk about them together; gauge your child’s sensitivity). She told me one thing she likes about the book is the small illustrations throughout. They help keep the text load on the page a bit lighter for elementary readers, making it feel more achievable and enjoyable. She also likes that each chapter is broken up into small sections, like little chapters within the chapters.

There is a full glossary in the back of the book, but we like that the glossary words are also included in side columns as they are introduced in the story. (Once when a child was reading aloud, I asked if she knew what a word meant after she sounded it out. She gave me a great definition, then started giggling and said she read it from the sidebar ;-)

I really appreciate the guide to the corresponding Master Books curriculum in the back, as well, so I can plan the best time to pull in one of these chapters to round out another area we are currently studying. I’m thankful for another great resource that mixes education with reading practice and comprehension, making learning a pleasure!
America's Famous Spies
Review by Santina
America's Famous Spies is a great addition to the What a Character series. It's an engaging and interesting read about spies from the American War of Independence, the Civil War, and WWII. It has the same quality vocabulary and illustrations as the other books in the series. We especially loved learning about ways that messages were delivered through spy rings and invisible ink. The corresponding curriculum page is very helpful for matching each chapter with additional MB materials. We have loved every book in this series!
Great Series
Review by Lacee
Featuring spies from America’s War of Independence, The Civil War, and World War II, America’s Famous Spies takes you through information on each war before introducing you to spies from the time period. I LOVE this series (What a Character) and am thrilled with how well each book is written. It is easy to read and packed full of information, includes key words and definitions and fun pictures. Students will love reading each one. I highly recommend the entire series.
Excellent Supplement to America’s Story (or Stand-alone!
Review by Becky V.
My kids have absolutely loved the What a Character series and this book does not disappoint. I definitely recommend it to go along with the America’s Story history series.

America’s Famous Spies contains stories of American spies during the American War of Independence (American Revolution), the Civil War, and World War II. Each war has a brief overview that is then followed by stories about the American spies involved during that specific war. A total of 10 stories are included.

‌This book came at the absolute perfect time. We have been studying the American Revolution in America’s Story and I loved that we were able to dig deeper and travel into the lives of some of the spies during that war by using the stories in America’s Famous Spies as read-alouds. My kids were so fascinated and loved these stories. I look forward to using this as a supplement alongside America’s Story 2 & 3 also!
Great series
Review by Yulia
Both of my kids love these series. My son was especially excited about the America's Famous Spies. He was able to read and comprehend it without any issues.

We all were excited to learn about many creative ways the spies were getting and transferring information during wars in America.
This book would work great with America's Story curriculum or even by itself as a reader. Wonderful job!
Love this Series
Review by Lexie
My kids are absolutely loving this series of books. At first I was giving my boys these books to read for reading class then having them tell me what they learned, but they couldn't get enough of them. They began just grabbing these books at any moment the could! This book goes through 3 wars and spies that were of great importance to America. The pages are very engaging, including beautiful illustrations and definition of words in the side margins. I highly recommend this book to any family looking to add a fun and educational book to their library!
Another wonderful ‘What a Character’ book!
Review by Sara
Our family loves these books! I use these as a read-aloud for my younger kiddos and they then are readers for my older kids. My kids have especially been in anticipation for this release because who doesn’t love a good spy story?! Like the other volumes in this series, they are separated by the different wars with wonderful introductions and maps which I really appreciate because it helps my kiddos understand the different wars in context with each book. By the 4th book, my kids could tell me about each war which I found really impressive!

These books have amazing color pictures, exciting information and vocabulary words throughout making this a wonderful addition to any history curriculum. It is also fantastic that the author has a corresponding curriculum section in the back that has a list of all of the places in their MB courses that each spy is mentioned so that you may use this alongside a particular course, or read certain chapters as they become relevant in your learning journey.

I highly recommend owning the whole ‘What a Character’ set, you won’t regret it!
Great history series!
Review by Dustie
This series is really fun. I love the unique topics of the various book. The stories of each individual in this particular book are incredibly moving and inspiring. While they are engaging enough to keep the attention of older children (or parents), they are written in such a way that is easy to understand. Because some of the topics are difficult and involve war, I think this book would be most appropriate for kids who are at least 7. However, others may have different ideas for their own children.
This book is great for independent reading, and it has definitions for words that may be unfamiliar or difficult for younger readers to understand. It would make a great read-aloud or morning basket addition. These stories would also be really fun to include with corresponding history lessons, and there’s even a list in the back of the book that notes potential books to pair each chapter with.
Overall, I highly recommend this entire series of books for every homeschool library. They’re such a fun way to learn bits of history.

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