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For Ages 8-11

America’s Story Volume 1 is a full-color student textbook from our America’s Story 1 (Set) featuring engaging narrative, beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and cultural connections. Through this curriculum, your upper elementary homeschool students will explore the ancient Americas to the great Gold Rush, the infancy of our country through the founding of our great nation, and catch glimpses of the leaders who would become known as the Founding Fathers. This is an unforgettable American history course consisting of 28 chapters and five built-in reviews, making it easy to finish in one school year.

The America’s Story 1 Teacher Guide which provides the suggested schedule, assignments, student worksheets and answer keys is required to complete this one-year course American history homeschool course.

A Look Inside

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title America's Story 1
Subtitle From the Ancient America's to the Great Gold Rush
Series America's Story
Volume in Series 1
ISBN 13 9780890519790
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Paperback
Page Count 286
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

An Unforgettable Journey Through American History!

America’s Story 1 brings American history alive for upper elementary homeschool students. Your students will never forget the stories and adventures of explorers and pioneers who saw in America the chance to live a dream of freely worshipping God, owning land, and searching for wealth and opportunities.

In America’s Story 1, an American history curriculum, your student will:

  • Learn about those who lived & thrived in the Americas first
  • Meet the Christian Viking who accidentally discovered America around 1000 A.D.
  • Become acquainted with the many explorers and their amazing tales of the Americas
  • Discover how simple words were used to powerfully shape the course of history
  • Follow along through the Revolutionary War and watch as the Constitution of the United States of America is drafted
  • Tell of the triumphs, hardships, mistakes, and victories that together formed the nation we now know
  • and so much more!

Exciting, Interactive Stories

O’Dell’s lively storytelling style ensures history comes alive in an exciting way! Through engaging narrative, O’Dell interacts with students and draws them in to imagine the adventures, hardships, failures, and triumphs of the incredible characters who shaped American history.

Course Includes:

  • America’s Story Volume 1 Student Text (Teacher Guide sold separately)

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Who Lived Here First?
  • Chapter 2: Leif Ericson, the Christian Viking
  • Chapter 3: Christopher Columbus and Other European Explorers
  • Chapter 4: Settlements, Mosquitoes, and an Indian Princess
  • Chapter 5: Pilgrimage to Freedom
  • Chapter 6: Squanto the Friendly Indian and the First Thanksgiving
  • Chapter 7: Life in the Colonies
  • Chapter 8: William Penn, a Man of Peace
  • Chapter 9: William Wilberforce, Abolitionist Hero
  • Chapter 10: Young George Washington and the Horrible War
  • Chapter 11: Winds of Change in the English Colonies
  • Chapter 12: The Power of Words.
  • Chapter 13: The British Are Coming!
  • Chapter 14: Stories of the American Revolution
  • Chapter 15: More Stories of the Revolution
  • Chapter 16: 13 Colonies Become One Nation
  • Chapter 17: First in the Hearts of His Countryman
  • Chapter 18: Looking West
  • Chapter 19: The Louisiana Purchase, What a Deal!
  • Chapter 20: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
  • Chapter 21: The Strange War of 1812
  • Chapter 22: The Industrial Revolution Changes the World
  • Chapter 23: Paths of Change
  • Chapter 24: Heroes of the Abolition Movement
  • Chapter 25: The Story of the Alamo
  • Chapter 26: The Great Journey West — Part 1
  • Chapter 27: The Great Journey West — Part 2
  • Chapter 28: Our Place in History
  • Glossary
Review by ALM
It was good information, but just was hard for her to stay focused on reading the information.
Love this series!
Review by Jamie
Very informative and not so "textbookish" that my daughter actually paid attention and listened. I even learned and relearned things I didn't know or remember. Very awesome american history curriculum
Just what we were looking for!
Review by Jen
I love Master Books America's Story 1! It is a great overview of early American History up to the California Gold Rush. I used this with my 3rd and 1st graders and it worked great to read it aloud and then discuss concepts that were new/accelerated for my 1st grader. Gives the most balanced view of American History that I've found in Christian homeschool curriculum...highlighting both the strength and failures of our nation's history. I LOVE the Teacher's Guide too! It takes the guess work out of crafting assignments. Very Charlotte Mason style, including creative drawing prompts.
Review by Emily
This really makes you feel like you're right there living the events of history. I like how dates aren't stressed, but sometimes I do wish they were mentioned a little more often to help put things in context. No curriculum is going to be perfect, but I am really happy with this overall.
Fun and Memorable Introduction to American History
Review by Kareth
My children really loved this book! It is written in story form, much easier to retain information than a standard text. The pictures, quotes, scripture and built in narration breaks as well as comprehension questions make this well rounded. The short chapters with story-like narration was relatable. One time at the park, my children were voluntarily reenacting and quoting Patrick Henry! We loved this book so much that we are continuing in the series.
Great presentation of American history
Review by Rachael
My 9 year old and I really enjoyed this book! We did not use the teacher's guide/ worksheets, but as a read aloud it is engaging and informative. We supplemented lessons with other fiction and non- fiction books relating to the lesson topics for a deeper understanding. We're both looking forward to the next two books!
Great history book!
Review by Christie
I love how America's Story teaches history in a way that makes it memorable and interesting. I am currently using it for my 2nd, 5th, & 7th graders and they are all learning so much from it! I hated history as a child and I am actually enjoying this book & learning alongside my children!
We didn’t care for it
Review by Michelle
My 3rd grader didn’t enjoy it at all. He thought it was really boring. We actually ended up stopping and doing something else. I’m so disappointed as I bought levels 1, 2, and 3. I have several friends who started it too and gave up on cause it was so boring. It wasn’t engaging, and didn’t make history fun at all. It was very much a text book and we’re so disappointed given how good the science curriculum is.
Love it!
Review by Rachel
My 3rd grader and I both really enjoyed this course. When we started using it, we also used the Teacher's Guide worksheets, but after the first few months, we abandoned the worksheets and just used this as a read-aloud. We loved it and Angela's thoughtful presentation made the history lessons engaging and led to many fruitful discussions. I highly recommend this course and know my daughter would agree!
Easy read, great information
Review by Lauren
I love Angela O'Dell's heart for this country. You can tell by the way she writes each of these chapters through all 3 of these books. It starts with how people got to America in the first place and continues on through history. We really enjoyed hearing about people and events that may typically be overlooked as well as making sure that there are details many don't want to talk about but told in a very gentle way. Not all of American History is something to be proud of but it's important to teach it all so that we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. Angela does a great job telling these stories so that children can understand but it isn't too gruesome for their levels. Great job capturing our History!
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