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The Bible is increasingly under attack from every direction. Learn important details that can strengthen your confidence in the Bible's inerrant nature. Discover how the Bible proves itself and the insight you need to strengthen your faith and defend God's Word!

What’s Included

1 x Apologetics in Action (Teacher Guide)
1 x How Do We Know the Bible is True? Vol. 1
1 x How Do We Know the Bible is True? Vol. 2
1 x Demolishing Contradictions: Volume 1
1 x Demolishing Contradictions: Volume 2
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Title Apologetics in Action (Curriculum Pack)
ISBN 13 9780890518489
Page Count 5 Books Included
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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The Bible is increasingly under attack and the long war against God is raging. High school students will face incredible opposition to their Christian faith for the rest of their lives.

Apologetics in Action is a one-year course for 9th – 12th grade students designed to strengthen their faith and give them a thorough understanding of how the Bible proves itself.

Students completing this course will:

  • Examine the supposed contradictions in the Bible
  • Discover how the Bible can be relied upon for historical accuracy
  • Demonstrate what scriptural authority is and why it matters
  • Discern how a skeptical world affects our view of God's creation
  • Recognize what actually constitutes a contradiction
  • Learn important details that can strengthen their confidence in the Bible’s inerrant nature.
  • Discover how to effectively and consistently attack unbiblical beliefs rather than the disbelieving person(s).

The suggested schedule includes 30 to 45-minute lessons, 5 days a week. Worksheets, tests, and quizzes are available in the Teacher's Guide. Course equivalent to 1 year / 1 credit.

There are five titles included in the course:

  • How Do We Know the Bible is True? Volume 1
  • How Do We Know the Bible is True? Volume 2
  • Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 1
  • Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2
  • Apologetics in Action (Teacher Guide)

Contributors to these books include, but are not limited to:

  • Ken Ham (founder & president of Answers in Genesis)
  • Ray Comfort (Christian Evangelist and Apologist)
  • Dr. Jason Lisle (PhD in astrophysics)
  • Tim Chaffey (Th.M. in theology)
  • Dr. Andrew Snelling (PhD in geology)
  • Dr. Terry Mortenson (MDiv in systemic theology)
  • Dr. Georgia Purdom (PhD in molecular genetics)
So far so good!
Review by Jessie
My 10th grader is using this course. He has learned so much about supposed bible contradictions and what the Bible actually says and means. This set has really helped my son have a better understanding of the Bible. Highly recommend!
Excellent Bundle
Review by Monica
My daughter loved this course. She has learned so much about how to defend her faith and talk to others about faith without being argumentative.
We Enjoy This As A Family
Review by Cindi
We originally got this as a bible program for my 8th grader. However, we loved the content, so we would do the program together. It is so thought provoking, and I love how the Lord can give us all insight in a different way. It has been wonderful!
For every home!
Review by Kari
This needs to be in every home. All 5 of our kids will be using these books for years to come.
My daughter loved these books!
Review by Heather
My daughter enjoys this course. She has read the books on her own time and is learning so much about how to defend her faith through it. She has learned the answers to questions she never even thought of! I am interested in reading the books as well.
Wealth of Information
Review by Nicole
This course answers a lot of questions for my 10th grader and most of the material he easily understood. Both he and I learned a great deal and appreciated the organization of the material. It was nice for him to have the worksheets alternate between writing intensive and simple questions, depending on the book being read. Highly recommend.
So Good
Review by Danyelle
My daughter loves this course. It has answered so many questions for her and she feels like she has a good understanding of how to stand firm in her faith even in the face of people who question.
Review by Vanessa
As I was contemplating the "last years" of school together with my oldest who is starting high school, I began to ponder what I wanted him to know. This is one of those subjects!!! I have enjoyed reading this, too. Yes, I am going along with him in these books. They are THAT wonderful.
Review by Cara
Just what my family needed for an Apologetics course! Very well done!
Looks great!
Review by Carmen
My daughter hasn't started this yet, but it looks great! I have started reading the first book & love it.

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