Astronomy Pocket Guide (Download)

Astronomy Pocket Guide (Download)


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Discover the strong evidence that points to a young age for the universe, and get a biblical view of astronomy, too. Truly, the infinite size and complexity of the universe proclaims the awesome majesty and power of its designer, God.

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Title Astronomy Pocket Guide (Download)
Subtitle What is the biblical perspective?
Series Pocket Guide
Contributors Answers in Genesis
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Did the universe start with a big bang? Does distant starlight prove the universe is old? What are black holes and how do they form? Can we see stars forming? Are ETs and UFOs real? Secular astronomers teach that the universe began to form more than 12 billion years ago by chance, through what has become known as the “big bang.” However, there is strong evidence that points to a young age for the universe, and provides a biblical view of astronomy. This succinct pocket guide is a unique and handy illustrated book that provides excellent summary answers to the big questions of the origin of life.

Great quick reference
Review by Meghan
I bought the paper copy of this book for my oldest daughter when doing our astronomy course. She loved it and it is a great supplemental reference for study.

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