Cindy Horton

Cindy Horton lives in beautiful West Virginia with her husband, Jon, and their sons, Nick, James, and Robert. Her favorite moments are spent with her family snuggled up under blankets, camping, or just playing in the backyard. She also enjoys knitting, hanging clothes on the line, and baking - mostly brownies and cookies!

Cindy’s writing career began at age 11 when she took an interest in poetry. Since then, she’s written numerous fictional short stories and plays, hundreds of nonfiction articles, and several logic puzzles that have been published by Dell Magazine.

Expedition Earth is Cindy’s first published book, and it combines all of her favorite topics - geography, history, and both ancient and modern cultures. Cindy and Jon have homeschooled their sons from the beginning and follow a relaxed, eclectic style. They like to learn together by reading great books as a family, working on projects, and taking field trips.

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