Duane Gish

Duane Gish

Dr. Gish is known as one of the foremost creationist debaters in the world today. He has logged literally hundreds of thousands of miles in bringing the truth of creation to adults and children alike. Dr. Gish's travels have taken him to virtually every state in the continental U.S. and into 25 foreign countries, including the Soviet Union. His book, Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards, was published when there was very little creationist literature available for children. Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record is the book God has used in the lives of many to lay aside, once and for all, the fallacious ape-man theory.

Dr. Gish has held positions at Berkeley, Cornell University Medical College, and The Upjohn Company, where he collaborated with former Nobel Prize winners in various projects. His interest in creation grew until, in 1971, he left The Upjohn Company to join the faculty at the newly established (1970) Christian Heritage College and its research division. In 1972, the latter changed its name to the Institute for Creation Research where Dr. Gish has been the Associate Director and Vice President since that time.

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