Kenneth Berg

Kenneth Berg

Ken has traveled extensively throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East for over three decades producing award-winning television programs based on the bible. His studies and degree in fine art serves as a background to his creative eye.

Ken was raised as a minister’s son in New York City. After serving in the motion picture division of the US Army, he moved to California, where he worked in Hollywood for a Christian advertising agency. He has gleaned his experience as a producer, director, graphic artist, and photographer in places such as New York, Hollywood, California, Europe, and throughout the Middle East.

His passion for telling biblical stories within authentic locations is reinforced all the more by his commitment to serving the Lord through his business, Berg Productions, Inc. Berg Productions produces such programs as “Zola Levitt Presents” and “The Nazareth Jesus Knew,” which can be seen on one or more of the national Christian networks.  His full-service production company has also produced all of the video incorporated in “Passages,” a national interactive exhibit that presents a history of the Bible.

Ken’s photos have been featured in US Camera and Travel magazine, and he has garnered over 30 awards for his work in television and film.

It is with this extensive background and experience that he was able to put together this unique photo book with stellar high-definition photos giving the viewer a realistic look into the past through the story of Ruth. There are many beautiful stories in the Bible that Ken hopes to make into works of art from his treasure of photographs rich in authenticity and vision.

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