Shelli Jones Baker

Dr. Shelli Jones Baker, founder of Harvest Projects International Inc., earned her Ph.D. in Christian Education and is an accomplished artist who has exhibited at the Pentagon, Senate Rotunda, Lincoln Memorial and various State Houses. She is also a recording artist in vocals and harp, and a composer/psalmist. These giftings of God have taken her to the stages of Branson, Missouri’s theater, Martha Vineyard’s Tabernacle, Tulsa’s Maybee Center, Israel’s Knesett and TV shows on Daystar, TBN stations, TCT, LESA and various radio programs. Shelli ‘s books on revival, The Travail of the Flag, and Oceans of Glory may be purchased at

Shelli is best known as a Bible teacher and revivalist . Her prophetic mural paintings of visions and biblical themes often illustrate her sermons on one resounding theme: PRAYER, REVIVAL, & HEALING. She is also a historian on American history and will soon be releasing a new book with co-authors, Peter Marshall and David Manuel, well-known for their best seller, The Light & the Glory. Shelli believes God called her in 1998 to turn the focus of her ministry toward New England for another Great Awakening!