The Big Argument: Does God Exist? (Download)

The Big Argument: Does God Exist? (Download)


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Title The Big Argument: Does God Exist? (Digital Download)
Contributors Dr. John Ashton, Michael Westacott
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The "argument" that reads
like a conversation about life!

  • Is there archaeological evidence for the New Testament?
  • Did the universe "hatch" from a "cosmic egg"?
  • What does the fossil record imply about the existence of God?
  • Is design inferred by the existence of information?

Since the Enlightenment, spirited debates about the existence of God have captured the public's imagination. Scholars, philosophers, and scientists have grappled with the "evidence" that God exists, or doesn't.

Today, some of the world's best minds - in a variety of disciplines - grapple with whether there is any real purpose to our lives. Yet not only do many scientists believe in the God who created us with purpose, they also understand that what we do in the here and now has consequences in the next life.

John Ashton has compiled a group of essayists who specialize in fields such as archaeology, astronomy, biblical scholarship, and more. The result is a fascinating exploration of an age-old question, sure to intrigue believers and skeptics alike.

A Valuable Asset in any Apologetics Library
Review by Virginia
The Big Argument - Does God Exist is a great apologetics book in which 24 scholars explore how science, archaeology, and philosophy have not disproven God. Each chapter is written by one of the 24 scholars and would be worth reading on its own, but as a whole is a comprehensive collection of apologetic arguments for the existence of God. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 4: Design by Information (written by Werner Gitt) which explores the rules surrounding the laws of nature as well as the Laws of Nature About Information. His Eight Comprehensive Conclusions are masterfully written and would prove to be a powerful weapon in any debate on the existence of God or His power. I also particularly appreciated Chapter 11: The Question of Moral Values (written by Steven B. Cowan). I only wish I'd had access to it while teaching high school psychology this past school year. Overall, this book is a valuable asset in any apologetics library.

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