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For Grade Level 9-12

Master's Class High School Biology Set brings God’s creation of cells, ecosystems, biomes, the genetic code, and more to life for homeschool students. This science curriculum teaches Christian students to observe and recognize the interactions and interdependencies of organisms in their natural environment. In this 36-week study of biology, the use of a light microscope, dissection skills, and recent advances in modern biology are also taught.

A convenient schedule is included. Students can expect to complete 5 hours of course work a week.

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1 x Master's Class High School Biology (Teacher Guide)
1 x Master's Class High School Biology

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Biology (14.97 MB)

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Master Class Biology: Academy Course Preview

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SKU M152-6-SET
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Master's Class High School Biology Set
Subtitle The Study of Life from A Christian Worldview
ISBN 13 9781683441526
Contributors Dr. Dennis Englin
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 4

Master's Class High School Biology Set brings the wonder of biblical creation and science together for homeschool students. This homeschool curriculum with labs begins with a review of chemical principles needed for biology, including the biology of water, and concludes with human origins.

This course provides important training and practice in developing skills involved in the study of biology, including observing and recognizing interactions and interdependencies of organisms in their natural environment, the use of a light microscope, dissection skills, and insights and recent advances in modern biology.

Through this study of biology, your high school student will learn how we are created in God’s image with an eternal destiny rather than being the sum product of natural laws acting upon atoms and molecules. This course reveals the variations in humans today had their roots in the DNA of two humans (Adam and Eve) and give glory to God for this wonder of life.

Course Objectives:

  • Investigate the core concepts of classical and modern biology
  • Become familiar with the meaning of key terms in biology
  • Explore the fundamental concepts of cell biology and important recent developments
  • Study the development of classical genetics and modern concepts in the expression of DNA and how it varies with age and changing environmental conditions
  • Learn the coordination and maintenance of the parts of an organism
  • Study the variety of life forms and how their roles are integrated in an ecosystem
  • Explore varied views of the origin of life and how the biblical narrative is consistent with what is observed in the study of biology
  • Conduct laboratory procedures that develop important skills and illustrate important concepts
  • Write lab reports each week to further develop writing skills in a scientific context

Course Includes:

Master's Class High School Biology

Master's Class High School Biology (Teacher Guide)

Optional Resources Include: Video Based Instruction

Master Books Biology Supply Kit (No Microscope or Slides)

Master Books Biology Supply Kit (Microscope & Slides Included)

Biology Through A Microscope (Lab Book)

Master Books Biology Slide Set

Course Credit

This is a one-year course with two full semesters, helping the student fulfill one credit of biology, which includes the lab. High school transcripts will list the course as Biology with Labs.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Chemical Principles in Biology
  • 2. Water
  • 3. Carbohydrates and Lipids
  • 4. Proteins and Nucleic Acids
  • 5. Nature of Cells
  • 6. Cell Membrane and Nucleus
  • 7. Movement through Cell Membranes
  • 8. Cell Organelles
  • 9. Cell Division
  • 10. Ecosystems
  • 11. Biomes
  • 12. Energy Capture — Photosynthesis
  • 13. Energy Release — Respiration
  • 14. Chromosomes and Genes
  • 15. The Genetic Code
  • 16. Expression of DNA — Transcription
  • 17. Expression of DNA — Translation
  • 18. Perpetuation of Life
  • 19. Genetic Patterns I
  • 20. Genetic Patterns II
  • 21. Genetic Mutations and Variations
  • 22. Genomcis
  • 23. Plant Taxonomy
  • 24. Taxonomy — Invertabrates
  • 25. Taxonomy — Vertebrates
  • 26. Views of Biological Origins
  • 27. Evidences of Biological Origins
  • 28. Human Origins
Great course
Review by Victoria
My 9th-grade daughter loved this course. Any issues we had with the material were cleared up in the academy. She often brought up topics she learned in her books with us during the week so I know she retained information not just studied for the test.
Great pictures
Review by Megan
My oldest really liked this book. She appreciated that it was straight to the point and simple to understand... once she got a few chapters in that is. The first several chapters were confusing and frustrating. If I remember correctly it was chapter 6 that had something that made the rest click. She (on her own) went back and re-did the first several chapters so that she would understand them better. She then enjoyed the rest of the book and retained everything. My next child to do the book didn't seem to have the same issue, or at least didn't mention it and his grades were good.

We had been looking at purchasing a microscope and such, but a school teacher friend and her son (who had taken biology at a local school) looked over this book first. They both said they would not spend money on the microscope because the pictures in the book are far better than anything you can see with a school microscope. Her son actually spent time looking at several of the pictures because he was so fascinated by the differences. As a single income family, it was very helpful to save this money and we were very thankful to have a curriculum company who goes above and beyond to provide quality books.
Great Book
Review by Jessica
Like others have said, the first chapters were really tough for my 10th grade student, we did a little more research online to try to clear up his confusion, but after that the curriculum went very smoothly.
Great Biology Course
Review by Angela
This has been an excellent class for my daughter, who was reluctant to take this class. We are doing this class along with the Master Books Academy course; it is a great pairing. She is loving it and is so glad to be taking biology and learning a lot.
Disappointing overall
Review by Sharon
While I love the simplicity, organization, and biblical focus of this course, it lacks good editing. I took many science classes in college, and I have been confused more times than I would like regarding connections of information and clarity in this textbook. (I have a friend who is also using it with her son, and they frequently go online to find other sources to explain concepts better than the book does.) For one thing, It would be helpful in a course such as this for the chemical formulas to be written as the formula, but then to have how to read/say that formula in parentheses after it. Sometimes they do, but often they don't. Frustrating to read with only the formulas. Sometimes the text is simply confusing and unclear. The textbook also lacks enough illustrations, and the illustrations themselves are frequently not labeled, so you are left to piece together the parts of the illustration that ARE labeled with the information in the text to figure out what the illustration is of. Last thing--while I appreciate and like the companion videos, they are NOT helpful in most cases. It is additional information, which is enlightening and enjoyable, but not helpful to the course material in most cases.
Changing my review from last year
Review by Janet
We started this class with MB Academy last year but got off to a rough start (so my initial review was more a reflection of us not the class). We are doing the class this year and are enjoying the class. It is very helpful having an instructor that knows the subject and makes it fun. We like his "punny jokes" too. Having the labs demonstrated are helpful. Watching the video class provides additional information that is not included in the text.
I apologize for giving a "negative" review last year.
Needs improvement
Review by CAT
The videos are extra material, not necessarily covered in the textbook. Video teacher doesn't seem to have same views as Masterbooks. First few chapters of the textbook were rough. It got better, but still needs improvement.
Good course!
Review by Tina
Good course, especially for someone who isn't naturally interested in science. We love that the schedule is done for us, which makes it less overwhelming for both my teen and myself. I'd suggest purchasing the lab equipment from MB as well - it is much easier than having to piece it together yourself. Most of all we loved that it was written from a Biblical worldview!
We couldn't get into it
Review by Janet
We signed up to take the class using the Academy. But I quickly found the kids weren't understanding. I'm not sure what the disconnect was but we changed to physical science for this year and will try again next year. I love the Master Books classes and books - maybe we just weren't ready this year.
Review by Jill
Biology is more complex but this curriculum makes it very interesting to learn about..
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