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Let God Fulfill His Purpose in You: Carissa’s Advice to Homeschool Moms

4 min read
Carissa, a homeschool mom of 4, shares her personal advice and biblical wisdom with other homeschool moms here at the Master Books blog. You will be encouraged when you read about her answered prayers, how God helps her fulfill her purpose, the biblical curriculum solutions that help her disciple her children, and more!
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Where Faith Grows 2 - In Stock and Shipping

2 min read
Where Faith Grows Level 2, a Bible curriculum for elementary students ages 7-10, is designed to help you reveal who God is in a way that a child can understand. While learning about specific characteristics of God, your student will also be learning godly character traits.
Elementary Apologetics Bible Curriculum by Master Books

Teach Them to Find Their Answers in the Bible (Homeschool Curriculum for Elementary Students)

5 min read

Discipling children to find answers to their questions in the Bible is a critical part of parenting. We've packed answers to over 100 questions real kids have asked about the Bible into our Elementary Apologetics Curriculum Pack for homeschool families.