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A whimsical book designed to help children see God as Creator while highlighting the importance of embracing our God-given roles in His Creation. Bombus is a bumblebee who meets up with several honeybees who criticize him and make him doubt himself. As Bombus realizes why God made him a bumblebee and not a honey bee, your little learners will realize they can be unique and have an important purpose.

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The story of Bombus the Bumblebee begins shortly after creation with Bombus busily buzzing between flowers lapping up nectar. The honeybees are slightly perturbed by Bombus bumping into them and beating them to the best flowers. Devising a plan to get Bombus to stop, they tell him that he's just too bulky to be flying and that he would be better suited to being on the ground crawling.

Bombus looks at all the other flying bugs and decides that perhaps they're right, so he stops flying and starts crawling. Then God shows up and corrects Bombus saying, "what did I tell you to do? Fly! So fly." The book concludes with some facts about bumblebees, most notably that their wings should not be able to support their bodies in flight, yet they do. There are also some bumblebee activities for children in the back.

This good-values storybook includes:

  • Parent/Teacher Activity Guide
  • Fascinating Science Facts

“This book held both mine and my children's attention and we all enjoyed it. I liked being able to teach them more about bumblebees without them knowing they were being 'schooled'. As a homeschooler, I can easily turn this into a fun unit study for all my children, since even my 9 year old liked listening in on the story.” — Sarah ★★★★★

“This was such a cute little book. I read it to my 7-year-old son and my 5-year-old daughter and they both really enjoyed it. Both of them stayed captivated by the book." — Amber ★★★★★

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Title Bombus the Bumblebee
Contributors Elizabeth Haidle , Elsie Larson
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