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An eye-opening course with an apologetics foundation, focused on the history and basic tenets of religions from around the world! What do they have in common? What is their history? How much have they “borrowed” from Christianity and the Bible? Is everyone worshipping the same “god”?

Discover what makes the Creator God in Genesis unique and how all religions fall into one of two categories: man-made or God.

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The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Comparative Religions course, which includes:

  • An examination of over 50 world religious views, always with a focus on the Word of God as truth.
  • Weekly connections to the World Religions and Cults Generalized Timeline Chart with a church and denominational breakdown.

OVERVIEW: A world religion is a belief system that attempts to explain some aspect of reality and often how the physical and spiritual world operates, and yet it is independent of another world religion (though they often have different sects, cults, or denominations). A cult is typically defined as a religious offshoot of a major world religion that no longer holds to the core tenets of that world religion. This course cannot examine every world religion, cult, sect, or system, but quite a few have been selected from different belief systems, and these will be critiqued. Note: Because this course is very reading intensive, a teacher might evaluate specific chapters they would prefer to cover, or perhaps adjust the schedule provided to cover a two-year period.

FEATURES: The calendar provides daily lessons with clear objectives and guided readings.

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