Biblical Beginnings Toddler Set

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Toddlers will love these enchanting Christian board books. This set provides five books that teach small children about Bible stories and concepts, as well as animal and science facts, from a strong Christian viewpoint. The different texts include a range of features that will captivate toddlers while also helping them learn how to read, such as rhyming text, eye-catching illustrations, and interactive activities.

This set includes All God’s Children, My Creation Bible, It’s Designed to Do What It Does, My Take-Along Bible, and Take a Trip On the Silver Ship. Written by some of the most respected creationists, like Ken Ham, these books are rooted in a biblical foundation and teach concepts in an age-appropriate way.

  • Durable, sturdy Christian board books that children can read and reread
  • Interactive texts that will delight and teach toddlers
  • Perfect gift idea for any little one!