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Mastering cursive letters can be lots of fun when you join Skeeter, Anna, and Susie on a fishing adventure! Learn to make precise letters as you complete worksheets and exercises while you discover “fishing” and more! This is a daily 36-week elementary-level course that includes an older student option as well.

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Hi! I am Skeeter. Join me, Anna, and Susie on this fun writing and fishing adventure! You’ll learn how to recognize and create precise letters as you complete worksheets and exercises, and this is done through a surprisingly unique approach.

  • Each letter is presented and reviewed over the course, and you can earn badges on your work.
  • There are fun and helpful activities and projects to help with muscle control and continued practice.
  • You’ll cover learning attributes of Christ’s disciples, appreciating God’s wonder in all the different types of fish He created, the beatitudes for your life, and spiritual growth with biblical parallels.

Cursive writing has been shown to have a positive influence on children’s spelling, their composition skills, motor skills, and word recall. It has also been shown to assist the reading and writing skills of students with dyslexia. This 36-week, elementary-level course includes two schedules, so younger and older students will both benefit from the material.

Table of Contents

  • Note to the Teacher
  • Note from Skeeter
  • Suggested Schedule
  • Tackle Boxes
  • Activities for Older Students
  • Course Badges
  • Gather Your Gear: Complete Supply List
  • Gather Your Gear: Weekly List
  • Weigh-In Challenges
  • For Left-Handed Writers
  • Scope and Sequences
  • Cursive Letter Practice Chart
More Information
Manufacturer Master Books
Title Catch on to Cursive
Subtitle A Whole Child Approach to Cursive Penmanship
Contributors Carrie Bailey
Page Count 528
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, Inc.
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