Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure


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For Ages 5-7

Meet Charlie, an ever-inquisitive monkey, and his best friend Trike, a calm ceratopsian dinosaur with vital faith answers, as they wind their way along the rim of the Grand Canyon, and take a mule trip with their guide Captain Wes down into this incredible landscape. Experience the adventure each time you read this unforgettable book with its pull-out features, maps, flaps, and a panoramic three-page Canyon drawing!

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Manufacturer Master Books
Weight (in lbs) 1.80
Title Charlie & Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure
ISBN 13 9780890515693
Contributors Ken Ham
Binding Hardback
Page Count 24
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 3/4

Hey, kids! Grab your explorer's cap and get ready for this one-of-a-kind Grand Canyon adventure! Charlie, a spirited monkey, and his triceratops buddy, Trike, set off with a burly one-eyed tour guide to hike deep into the Grand Canyon. But there's trouble on the trail when Charlie goes off on his own to dig for fossils. What's more, Charlie's convinced the tour guide is a thief, but any plans to catch him are quickly foiled. Once in the Canyon, Trike does his best to explain to his friend the worldwide Flood and why we can trust the Bible. Finally, with the tour guide's help, Charlie understands the truth in a way that will change his life forever.

Winner of the 2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Bronze Medal in the ‘Pop-Up/Cut-Out’ Category

So cute!
Review by Brittney
My kids just love this book and the “extras” inside! Such a good message also!
Review by April
Fun book to read and see the beautiful drawings. Lovely story.
Fun and interactive
Review by Jen
My 1st grader loved this book especially the illustrations and interactive fold out maps and letters. The pages are thicker than usual, but I found that it was easy for busy hands to tear the fold outs. Goes with the territory, so no complaints, just beware :)
Review by Mom to 8
This is an interactive book with great art work and a fun story. It's a favorite of boys and girls.
Fun book
Review by marilyn
This was a fun addition 2 language 1:) it's always good to see how mb books keep a Christian worldview!!
A Talking Dinosaur!
Review by Rachael
What is not to love the artwork was adorable, the kids loved the pictures!
This is the 2nd time I have used it for school and both my kids loved to read it. Although reading was a struggle for one of my kids she still was excited to get to read this. We made a modification by I read a little more and we broke it up into small sections to avoid frustration.
Review by Kristina
My daughter really enjoyed all the little extras on the page (the maps, mini books, etc). She enjoyed listening to the adventure and we talked a lot about friendships and great character trait lessons.
Review by Kelli
We loved how engaging this book was with the maps and flaps! Great addition to the curriculum!
So fun!
Review by Amanda
We loved this book! Now we just need to get to the Grand Canyon :)
Great resource
Review by Melinda
This is a great way to introduce some biblical ideas of how the flood impacted our world. Its also cute and fun and have wonderful little pop-outs with info. Its been a favorite in our house!
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