Children's Atlas of the U.S.A. (Download)

Children's Atlas of the U.S.A. (Download)


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Journey through the United States to discover culture and traditions, God’s natural wonders, history makers, history markers, science and technology, economic resources, exploration, and industries. Elements include statehood dates, capital cities, state flowers, state birds, and state nicknames.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Children's Atlas of the U.S.A. (Download)
Contributors Craig Froman
Page Count 112
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Discover fascinating facts, places, and people who have helped define this unique nation, including:

  • The economic and natural resources of each state, along with the year of statehood, capitals, nicknames, highest points, and state seals
  • Acknowledgments of God and His providence in the forming of this nation and the individual states, famous landmarks and geographic locations, maps, national parks, and monuments
  • Archaeological sites, quotes from governing documents, state attractions, famous sons and daughters, a helpful glossary, a list of holidays, and more!
Wonderful Text
Review by Candice
As is the norm for Master Books, this book is gorgeous! I love that the information given is just enough without being overwhelming! I don’t love digital books but this one works really well. In the actual book it is supposed to be a two-page spread, which would be wonderful! Excellent work by Masterbooks!
Great geography resource!
Review by Michelle
We absolutely love this book! Such a great resource for our homeschool. Well researched & informative with stunning pictures throughout. A must for any United States geography study. Suitable for all ages.
Beautiful Pictures, Easy to use
Review by Dawn
This atlas features a two page layout for each state (and Washington DC), which includes a map, basic facts, and beautiful photographs and information about key places with-in the state. It also includes a glossary and index for assisting with finding information. A great resource for a study of the United States.
Children's Atlas of the USA
Review by Lacey
This is exactly what we needed to accompany our USA study. There is so much information about each state including a map, lots of photographs, interesting facts, landmarks, preambles and historical sites. There are federal holidays listed in the back recognized by the USA. Everyone needs this for their United States Study!
Wonderful Resource to Help Accompany Our State Studies
Review by Kelly Ann
This is such a wonderful resource to help accompany our state studies in geography. My son really enjoys perusing through atlases, and this has been such a great addition to our collection. Each state is displayed in a full color two-page spread that not only includes a map, but a lot of fun and interesting facts to learn. There are also plenty of beautiful photographs to accompany the information provided. Additional features include a glossary, an index (which lists notable landmarks and historical sites), and even a complete list of federal holidays celebrated in the United States. I personally love that it also includes the Preambles of all fifty states.
Children’s Atlas of the USA
Review by Love2BeMom
We are not living in the USA and this atlas is a great addition to our homeschool library to learn about the USA. Thank you Masterbooks for another great resource. It is beautifully laid out with colourful pictures and maps.
Colorful US atlas book
Review by Amy
We loved looking at this atlas. Included with each state is the state's preamble, information about the state, and beautiful pictures. The Children's Atlas of the U.S.A is a great resource for state studies.
A Beautiful Display of America's Heritage
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
Our family loved this gorgeous, full-color resource filled with major landmarks and historic sites in America's great country. We loved learning more about each of the fifty states and appreciated the multitude of information to be gleaned from these pages.

This is a fantastic resource and definitely a homeschooling necessity!
Complete, Colorful & Detailed.
Review by Lea
My Children and Grands Love to Explore, and Inquiry minds want to know.
The Children's Atlas of the U.S.A. is Colorful and Detailed Giving All The Knowledge needed for a Fun Interesting Study from State to State.
An answer to my prayer!
Review by Heidi
I create a lot of my own curriculum and I was looking for something to work with a game that I created to learn about states! This was it! This book gave me the perfect idea on how to structure the resource pages and worksheets! In my opinion, there is no other curriculum that can fit your exact need so well!

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