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As a Christian teacher, one can no longer be part of a public education system that requires them to participate in teaching destructive ideologies and advancing immoral agendas on young children. John Stamper quit his job in the Chicago Public School System to reveal what is happening in public schools today and promote homeschooling as an alternative. Parents need to know what is going on in their child’s school and be prepared for any conflicts of values they may have to face.

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Title Conflicted
Subtitle Pulling Back the Curtain on Public Education
ISBN 13 9781683443247
Contributors John Stamper
Binding Paperback
Page Count 160
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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At what point can a Christian teacher no longer be part of a public education system that requires them to participate in teaching destructive ideologies and advancing immoral agendas on young children?

John Stamper reached that tipping point as a teacher in the Chicago Public School System and made the decision to quit his job and pull back the curtain on what’s happening in public schools today.

You’ve seen the stories on the news – our national education system has an agenda, being implemented under the guise of fairness, equality, and racial justice to children. However, this book will open your eyes to:

  • The indoctrination process through mandatory teacher training that implements these radical ideologies in schools without parental knowledge
  • The danger and division created by critical race theory and gender theory being promoted in public schools
  • How Marxist, socialist, and communist ideologies are dominating public schools, and how you move forward with homeschooling your children

For generations, teachers have been excellent role models, investing their time and energy into fundamental lessons. However, today a growing number think they, the school board, and their school system know more than parents about what should be taught to students. You need to know what is going on in your child’s school and be prepared for the conflict of values that you may have to face.

You have options.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Section One: Beginning at Home
    • 1. It's Time to Leave Public Schools
    • 2. My Personal Testimony
    • 3. The Gideons, Atheists, and Phil Donahue
  • Section Two: Results of Secular Education
    • 4. My Personal Experience in Mandatory Staff Trainings in Chicago Public Schools
    • 5. My Conflict as a Christian Teaching in a Public School
    • 6. The Bible's Role in Education
    • 7. School Boards and Teachers Unions
    • 8. Learning from Marxism and Communism in the 20th Century
    • 9. The Education System
  • Section Three: The Way Back Home
    • 10. Parents Matter
    • 11. The Benefits of Homeschooling


“John Stamper is an educational insider. As a public school teacher, John saw first-hand the harmful effects of Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory and Cultural Marxism being taught in the public school system. He became aware that even though he was a good teacher, doing his best to make a difference in that system, the change needed in American education was bigger than what he, as an individual teacher, could achieve. John's book, Conflicted, offers a strategy that could truly change American education in ways many have not even considered. If you are tired of accepting the status quo of things getting worse and worse in American schools, please read this paradigm-shifting book!”

— Israel Wayne, author and conference speaker, founder of Family Renewal.

Review by Destiny
This book has been an eye opener! I was already convinced that homeschooling was the best option for my family especially with everything going on in the public school system. This book has shown me things I hadn't realized not fully understood certain aspects of the PS system. This book has some heavy topics, but it's written in such a way that you keep going. It's a smooth read overall and I would recommend it to anyone who just wants to understand more of what is happening behind the scenes of the PS system which directly affects our society.
A must read for all parents about education
Review by Kathleen C
This book was written by John Stamper. He is a homeschool graduate and former public school teacher.
His aim through this book is to show parents what is going on behind the scenes in the public schools. Ideologies are taught as fact instead of opinion. Teachers receive mandatory training on these ideologies and are forced to teach them in their classrooms usually without parental knowledge. What is being taught is anti-God and anti-family. Today, many teachers and school boards believe they know more than parents about what should be taught to students. Parents matter now more than ever. I recommend every parent read this book whether you are home-educating your children or they are in the school system. It is so important that we know the truth of what is going on.
The future of our nation...
Review by JoyfulMommy
We hear that “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world,” and it is equally true that whoever controls the minds and hearts of a nation’s children directs the future of that nation. Author and former Chicago public school teacher John Stamper shows us a “peek behind the curtain” into the leadership and education philosophies he encountered through mandatory staff training: antibiblical theories and agendas that are shamelessly taught to children as young as kindergarten, without parental knowledge or consent. The similarities in the current educational movement and those through the history of socialist and communist governments are alarming.

I found this book eye-opening and helpful to understand the worldview being inculcated in our society. I have recommended it to Child Evangelism Fellowship workers for just that reason. If you know children in public schools, or if your own children are in public school, this book is an excellent resource to make you aware of things they are likely being taught so you can do your best to keep open lines of communication with them and help to correct their worldview from Scripture. If you are considering homeschooling, this book will definitely give you food for thought. And if you already homeschool, this book will encourage you that it is absolutely worth the time, effort, and prayer you are investing in doing so. I came away reminded of the importance to not just provide a solid education to our children, but to make sure everything they learn is rooted and grounded in the Word of God and points them back to Jesus - because truly the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge!
Eye opener !!!
Review by Melissa
I actually already owned this book but was super happy to see it's available here! Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles need this book! Stamper offers us all an amazing personal, and experienced insight into the many harmful tactics happening in schools right now, and gives evidence how these things have been happening for decades without our knowledge. He touches on educational history in the US and around the world, to show that history doesn't actually repeat itself, and I'm paraphrasing here, but history builds upon itself, no 2 past events will happen exactly the same way again but there absolutely are some similarities worth noting. He also shares some shocking statistics into the number of mental health disorders diagnosed now, and gives the stats from the last several generations. The numbers will suprise you!

Thank you Stamper for this truth bomb filled book!
Such an important book!
Review by Danielle
In this book, the author shares his personal experience working in the public school system to share how harmful ideologies are being spread to children. It is clear that even when schools claim they do not have an official curriculum, dangerous ideas are still being presented through the classroom. The author also shows through historical examples what happens when this indoctrination is allowed to continue.
As a homeschooling mother, this book definitely reminded me of why our choice to homeschool is an important one. I would recommend this book to any parents who need to be encouraged about their choice to homeschool and to any parents on the fence about whether or not they should make the move away from public school. I truly wish everyone would read this book to have a better picture of what is happening to our education system. These practices need to be brought into the light so changes can be made.
Behind the scenes of public schools
Review by Becky V.
Conflicted is a book that every parent should read, whether they choose to homeschool or not.

John Stamper shares his experiences while teaching at public schools, especially focusing on his last year of public teaching while at Chicago Public Schools. He brings to light what schools are implementing under the radar, including Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory, to name a couple. What teachers are being trained on and told to implement in their classrooms. How Marxist, socialist, and communist ideologies are being brought into the schools, and what effect this has on the future of education and the lives of our children.

Stamper breaks down the above mentioned throughout the book, explaining the meaning of each and giving real-life examples that he came across in his career. His stance is toward bringing the education of your children back to the home. To teach your children with a biblical worldview. I do appreciate that he also includes suggestions for parents that cannot homeschool or choose not too, and prepares them for the conflicts that they will ultimately face, if not already facing them now.

Our country is not what it used to be. Public schools are not what they used to be. They are now anti-God to the very core. They are anti-family; anti-parents. This book addresses the highly debatable topics in a very fresh and open way. It flings the doors wide open to what is happening in our public schools. I highly recommend this book and would encourage everyone to read it.
An insider look into public schools
Review by Laura
John Stamper is a public school teacher who will give the reader a glimpse into what really goes on behind closed doors in public schools. Students are brainwashed with progressive ideologies including critical race theory, gender fluidity, and Marxism. A strong case is made for pulling children out of public schools and homeschooling. It would be an informative read for any parent planning on putting their children in public schools and a great reminder of why they homeschool for those who do so.
Valuable insight
Review by Dustie
Coach Stamper did a fantastic job shedding light on a very real situation we are facing in our country today. The education of our youth has a profound impact on our society, and our education system has changed drastically over the past century. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Education is important, but the type of education is more important.” If we are not intentional about what our children are learning, someone else will be. Our public school systems are shamelessly promoting anti-biblical values to children.
The author has the unique viewpoint of someone who taught in the public school system, a previous homeschool student, and homeschool parent. His story presents the truth and a fresh perspective to the debate about public schooling versus homeschooling. Parents are given a peek into the world of public school behind the closed doors. He also takes the time to break down the different types of government and how they affect the educational system. This is very helpful in understanding the course our own educational system is on.
If you are concerned about the future of our nation, if you’re wondering what is really going on behind the scenes in public school, and if you are homeschooling or considering homeschooling, please take the time to read this book. Once you start it, it is hard to put down. It is a heartfelt and eye opening book that I recommend for all parents.
Must read
Review by Abbie
We are indoctrinated into the public system, taught that Public education is the best, most comprehensive and complete that our children can get. We are taught and pressured into never questioning the status quo. Even when the evidence is clearly presented that the system is broken, lacking, crumbling. We do not question what the "professionals" have to say.

And, stepping outside the box is a big step. Immediately, even entertaining the idea of "Homeschool" is met with opposition, judgment and scrutiny. The average homeschool family has been set under the microscope, questioned, and picked apart.

If you are on the fence, if you are questioning the status quo or if you just want to better understand the truth behind public education, this is a book to read.

We have homeschooled for 18 years, my husband is a public school teacher. We see both sides of the field and we understand what is at stake.
Informative book for the current times
Review by Dawn
For many families public school has been the way of life for many generations. The thought of switching things up can feel scary and unknown. You hear rumors and conversations about the ungodly things being taught in schools but you assume they are exaggerated or happening somewhere else.
Conflicted is written by a Christian who left his job in the public schools because he was being asked to teach ungodly material. He goes through and shows examples of the materials and trainings that are taking place across the country.
This book also shared information about how Marxism and socialism are being woven into instruction and how that conflicts with Christianity.

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