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Interested in receiving a desk copy of a specific title?

New Leaf Publishing Group is happy to work with administrators and educators in providing exam copies of titles being considered for use in a specific course. To take part in the exam copy program, follow the guidelines below:


Complete this form.


When you receive the exam copy, it will arrive with a provisional invoice included, billed at a 50% discount. You have 90 days to make your decision and take one of the following actions:

  • Adopt the book as a textbook for the course
    If the requested book is adopted as a textbook for the course, and ten or more copies are purchased by your school, the exam copy becomes a free desk copy. Please notify us of the adoption of the book as part of the course so we can cancel the invoice originally sent with it.
  • Pay the invoice and keep the book
  • Return the book, paying the return shipping

Important Details

  • Exam copies are limited to one copy per title, per teacher. Each teacher can request up to 4 titles per year.
  • The exam copy program is limited to classrooms of 10 or more students in the United States. We do reserve the right to refuse exam copies to individuals who abuse the exam review policy.