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Developing a Heart for God is a beautiful devotional experience designed to renew your passion for the Creator and Redeemer as your first love. Rich commentary, gorgeous photography, and pastoral prayer guides fill this Bible study of Psalm 119. Immerse yourself in these anointed truths that point to the power of God’s Word to restore, heal, and refresh your soul.

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Manufacturer New Leaf Press
Weight (in lbs) 2.60
Title Developing A Heart for God
Subtitle A Devotional Commentary on Psalm 119
ISBN 13 9780892217687
Contributors Ron Auch
Binding Hardback
Page Count 288
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 7 x 9

Nurture the joy of your salvation with this beautiful, devotional commentary on Psalm 119. Developing a Heart for God will shepherd your soul to a newfound reliance on the living Bible.

Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem using the Hebrew alphabet as a guide. With a passion for prayer, the author, Ron Auch, leads you in praying the words the Psalmist used to express devotion to God and his dependency on Him. Stunning full-color nature photos fill this remarkable and powerful study which offers:

  • Deeply personal and relevant insight into the message of Psalm 119
  • A uniquely beautiful presentation of the Scripture
  • Profound devotional commentary for you and your family

Enrich your quiet time with this remarkable Bible study or share the experience with your family, friends, and church groups. Developing a Heart for God can also be shared as a life-giving gift.

Beautiful Devotional
Review by Kathleen C
This audio book is a devotional for Psalm 119 where David expresses his innermost feelings about God. Psalm 119 is an acrostic poem using the Hebrew alphabet as a guide. There are 22 sections that are eighth verses each. This devotional teaches us to use internal prayers. It causes us to go inward and look at the intimacy of our relationship with God. I like the pace at which the author read through this book. I found him engaging to listen to.
Beautiful study
Review by Yulia
This is a wonderful devotional that really makes you check your heart and ponder about the holiness of God. The author focuses on very important topics and truly helps to understand Psalm 119 in a practical way. It’s also made so beautifully and pleasant to an eye. I enjoyed it a lot.
DAHFGod journaling
Review by Nicole
I started going through the Developing a Heart for God book personally and first of all love that it's a breakdown of Psalm 119 in easier to focus on parts so that you can truly get the most of of each verse. Secondly, after going through the book once by myself I've decided to go through it again with my older students and have us read the book one lesson/chapter a day and journal through the process as God allows us to learn and grow through this devotional.
Review by Sarah
I’m so thankful for studies like this… simple, but profound. I’m excited to utilize it with morning time this school year!
Simple, but Impactful
Review by Barbara
This world is always on the go and we forget to slow down so often now. This devotional was a meaningful way to incorporate that reminder into your day. I plan on ordering a couple of these for gifts as I feel it's a great study that is easy for those struggling with their time with God. Slow down, be present, and listen to God and his messages is the overall aspect of this devotional. I ordered it by chance, left it to collect dust with every intention of reading and studying. After getting sidetracked something pulled me back to it and it was just what I needed!
Review by Laura
This book is such a wonderful way to learn to slow down and process what you are reading. Our fast pace life has taught us to be in such a hurry in everything that we do. I find it hard to step out from that lifestyle and really pause to reflect on what I am reading. A commentary on each verse helps a lot to think deeper about it and to ponder how it can be applied to your life.
Developing a Heart for God
Review by Santina
Developing a Heart for God is a devotional of each verse of Psalm 119. My favorite aspects were the consistency of the layout of the book as well as the gorgeous, colorful pictures. Overall, I think this would be an excellent resource to read individually and as a family.
A Refreshing Book
Review by Laurie
A very refreshing aspect of this book is to slow down. Read a little at a time "process" or meditate on the verse and continue. Over time this develops healthy habits.

One of my favorite examples is My flesh trembles in fear of you; I stand in awe of your laws. Psalm 119:105. Then, you read to understand after that you meditate. An example of this goes, "As you meditate on this verse, ask God to give you a heart full of light."

I cannot end this review without talking about the beautiful pictures. They bring calmness and life to this book. I very much enjoyed soaking in the richness of this book.
A new favorite Devotional
Review by Audrey525
Developing a heart for God is a beautiful devotional commentary on Psalm 119. It takes one verse at a time and allows time for deeper reflection and meditation through God’s word. The art chosen throughout the book is peaceful and gorgeous photography that added to reflection time. I loved the older version of this book (The Heart of the King) for the commentary, but the art makes it worth updating to the new version for me. I plan on ordering the hardcopy of this book once available because I believe it’s a beautiful addition to morning time as a family or individual. I highly recommend this book! I received a free digital copy of this product in exchange of an honest review.
Get a Physical Copy!!
Review by Abbie
Excellent and one I would highly recommend getting a physical copy of! I loved this book, how it broke down each verse and allowed for prayer and meditation on the verse.

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