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Understanding dinosaurs can make or break the faith of a child. Combining music and humor with crucial teaching, Ken and Buddy take kids (and adults!) on an exciting ride through the 7 C's of History and the 7 Ages of Dinosaurs.

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Title Dinosaurs and More
Contributors Buddy Davis, Ken Ham
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 91
Publisher Answers in Genesis

Do You Know the 7 Ages of Dinosaurs?

Kids love dinosaurs! But Christian parents are understandably cautious when they see new dinosaur programs geared towards children. Secular dinosaur shows push evolutionary ideas like: dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, dinosaurs evolved into birds, and dinosaurs went extinct long before man supposedly evolved. Kids need to hear the truth!

A favorite in-person presentation of Ken Ham and Buddy Davis has just been updated and captured on video for a new generation. Combining education and humor, this duo takes kids (and adults!) on an exciting ride through both the 7 C’s of History and the 7 Ages of Dinosaurs. Your children will be shown how to separate the facts from fiction about these amazing creatures and their place in the awesome history of the universe.

Sing along with Buddy and Southern Salvation as they teach hundreds of families at the Ark Encounter’s Answers Center The Woodpecker Song, A Kind Is a Kind, Billions of Dead Things, and John 3:16. All these songs communicate important truths in a fun way that children easily remember.

Dinosaurs were amazing, and they really existed. Secular evolutionists go out of their way to avoid God’s life-changing revelation, but Ken and Buddy use these “missionary lizards” to show that the Bible is right about history—and about sin and salvation, too. Parents love that the gospel is clearly presented in a way that children can understand and respond to.

Nifty resource
Review by Destiny
My daughters love dinosaurs, especially my older one. This school year we used several dinosaur resources to create our own study of Paleontology for my third grader. This was one of the resources I chose. My girls enjoyed the songs and Buddy Davis is a favorite in our household. Lots of learning, and the children don't realize it through much of the movie
Kids enjoyed it
Review by Averi
We were gifted this dvd, and were actually expecting a dinosaur movie, but it is a video recording of ken ham and Buddy Davis given a presentation on dinosaurs. However, my kids loved watching it and stayed attention throughout the entire dvd. Ken ham is such an engaging presenter, paired with buddy Davis, had the kids talking and singing along with the audience participation portions.
So fun and informative!
Review by Ariel
We took this movie on a 4 hour trip in our car. All my kids loved it, they did all the songs and shouted out the answers in the car. Ken Ham and Buddy Davis did a great job at keeping the kids entertained and loaded them with info. Alot of the info my kids already new because we are big AIG fans, but my nephew also watched it, who doesn't go to church regularly and even he liked it and he learned a lot.

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