Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible (MP3 Audiobook Download)

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Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible will prepare your heart and your home to believe every word of the historical account of creation found in Genesis. Filled with biblical, scientific, and historical facts, the answers found within this faith-building book will help you stand on the authority of God's Word to demolish the evolutionary myths which cause people to doubt God. Sharing your faith will be much easier after reading this apologetic resource on the fascinating topic of dinosaurs and dragons.

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Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible


Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible is a one-of-a kind Christian apologetic resource sure to captivate families, scientists, historians, and theologians! Using the Bible as the absolute authority, Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter, provides answers to the most asked questions about these amazing creatures.

As Christians, we must not ignore what the Scriptures say about dinosaurs and dragons and accept the secular world’s wisdom. This #ProBible handbook offers fascinating answers based on fossil footprints, soft tissue, biblical references to dragons, serpents, and leviathans, and much more.

Go beyond the Hollywood version of these magnificent creatures to discover the truth of these icons of Creation and testaments of God’s power in the Genesis Flood. Designed for almost all ages, the book answers questions such as:

  • How Did Huge Dinosaurs Fit on the Ark?
  • Are Dinosaurs and Dragons the Same Thing?
  • How Do I Use the Bible as the Framework to Look at Dinosaurs?
  • Were Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark (and Did Any Go Extinct Before the Flood)?
  • Are Dinosaur Fossils in the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic Rock Millions of Years Old or from the Flood?
  • Why Don’t We Find the Word “Dinosaur” in the Bible?
  • Are There Any Human and Dinosaur Fossils Buried Together?

Dinosaurs are nearly synonymous with evolution in the minds of much of the world. Studying these answers will help Christian families, church leaders, scientists, and theologians develop greater faith in the infallibility of God’s Word and His role as Creator.

A Note from the author, Bodie Hodge:

“I want to encourage parents and churches to be able to respond biblically to the secular attacks (war) on our children. So, as any good General would do in times of war, we need to study our opponent and know exactly what the secular side is teaching our children. Then, get equipped with solid biblical answers from our highest commanding officer (God and His Word) to defend our children against the attacks. Then, teach this knowledge diligently and apologetically to the next generation, like parents and churches are supposed to do (e.g., Ephesians 6:4-11, 2 Timothy 3:16–17).”


“Answering these questions really helps everyone, including pastors, teachers, and the average person in the church to have answers for this skeptical generation that has been overwhelmed with evolutionary views imposed on them by secular schools, media, and museums.”

Ken Ham, CEO Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum, Ark Encounter

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible (MP3 Audiobook Download)
ISBN 13 9781614588719
Contributors Bodie Hodge
Duration (in Minutes) 389
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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