The Door of Salvation (Download)

The Door of Salvation (Download)


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Did you know there's a very special door? Noah and his family through the door went in. When God judged the world because of sin. We need to go through a doorway too: Jesus is that door for me and for you. It's a free gift for all of us to receive. To all of those who repent and believe!

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Title The Door of Salvation (Download)
Contributors Bill Looney, Ken Ham
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

God tells Noah to put a door in the side of the ark — and it was through this single door that the animal kinds and Noah’s family entered to be saved from the Great Flood. Our own personal salvation is also found through a single door — that of Jesus Christ.

Now discover how Noah’s ark echoes other concepts related to Jesus in this wonderful story designed to entertain and educate. As the Great Flood swept away the world that Noah and his family knew, God protected them in the ark. If we acknowledge we are sinners and accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior, we also ensure our spiritual survival through an eternal life with Christ. When Christ is our Savior, we are protected and comforted by the Holy Spirit.

  • A unique presentation that highlights the link between the biblical account of Noah and the powerful need for a personal savior in Jesus Christ
  • Reveals important biblical concepts in easy-to-understand rhymes for children
  • A fun and interactive format that includes beautiful illustrations and flaps to open revealing the text, creating an experience that will delight young readers!
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Review by Ana
When I purchased the digital download, I didn't realize that the fixed format was made to work only on iPad. My devices weren't able to display the text of the book. After reaching out to the customer service I received a PDF version, which is identical, except for missing flaps (which is not a deal breaker for me).
Review by Kayla
Such a great story that the kids can learn so much in and interact with. Incredible! We love it!
Review by Jennifer
I love these children's interactive books! Each page contains a little flip up "door" and a running poem about Christ. A special book with a wonderful message.
Review by Jennifer
A Special Door by Ken Ham is a story weaving together multiple doors in the Bible to ultimately reveal Jesus as the only way. Doors featured lead to the Garden of Eden, Jesus tomb, and the ark. These are interspersed with elevator doors and the doors to a church. This 24 page illustrated children’s book ends with clear explanations of how to be a child of God.
I was given a digital download of this book for the purpose of this review.

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