Education: Does God have an Opinion?


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Education: Does God Have an Opinion? is a Scriptural guide designed to help you disciple and educate your children in agreement with God’s Word. Many Christians believe God doesn’t care about how children are schooled or the methods of education that are employed. This book uses the Bible to prove otherwise.

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Education - Does God Have An Opinion?

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Title Education: Does God have an Opinion?
Subtitle A Biblical Apologetic for Christian Education & Homeschooling
ISBN 13 9781683440345
Contributors Israel Wayne
Binding Paperback
Page Count 240
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

Education: Does God Have an Opinion? is a Scriptural guide designed to help you disciple and educate your children in agreement with God’s Word. Many Christians believe God doesn’t care about how children are schooled or the methods of education that are employed. This book uses the Bible to prove otherwise.

Author and speaker, Israel Wayne, faithfully applies the teaching of Scripture to the issue of education to see what God has to say about this vital topic. Within these pages, Christian parents will find a truly biblical philosophy of education and learn to strategically and systematically apply it to core subjects.

There is almost no topic that is as relevant to the future of Christianity or as controversial as the education of children. Students in school classrooms spend thousands of hours being instructed by people who are not their parents. Truths about God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the inerrancy of the Bible are most often stripped from the curricula used to teach them. The anti-God misinformation campaign of public schools works directly against the faith you are responsible to build into your children’s lives through discipleship. There is almost no way to calculate the power and influence this has on your family and their eternity.

The future of your child’s education and, therefore, his or her life is ultimately in your hands as a parent. Education: Does God Have an Opinion? will give you discernment helping you understand how the One True God sees the issue of education.

Christian homeschooling families call Education: Does God Have an Opinion? a “must read” and report that it has helped them:

  • Formulate a vision for their family’s home education
  • Have a biblical defense for their decision to homeschool
  • Adhere to God’s way and not the world’s way of raising their children
  • Stay true to their convictions as the primary disciples of their children

Table of Contents

  • How to Use This Book
  • Introduction
  • PART ONE: The Apologetic
    • 1. The Purpose of an Education
    • 2. What about Government Schooling?
    • 3. What about Socialization?
    • 4. Christian Schools vs. Homeschooling
    • 5. What about Homeschooling?
    • 6. Biblical Worldview Education
  • PART TWO: The Core Subjects
    • 7. Curriculum: Tools for Building
    • 8. Precept, Principle, Person, Practice
    • 9. Logic
    • 10. Mathematics
    • 11. Science
    • 12. Philosophy and Apologetics
    • 13. Social Studies
    • 14. The Arts: Art, Music, and Film
    • 15. Language Arts
    • 16. Literature
    • 17. History
    • 18. Government
  • Appendices
    • I. Robin Hood and the Government Schools
    • II. What the Bible Says about Christian Education
Amazing Book
Review by Kathleen C
This book was written by Israel Wayne. The audiobook was narrated by Will Stauff. He has a very nice speaking voice which is comfortable to listen to.
Israel Wayne is an author, speaker, Homeschool Dad, and was a homeschooled student.
This is a wonderful book. Anyone with children should read this. It will open your eyes to education and the impact it has on your child. Everything they learn impacts them. Mr. Wayne clearly shows what the Bible says about a parent's role in their child's education. He shows how important it is to have God in every subject you use. God should not be a subject......He should be part of every subject because He is part of everything!
Mr. Wayne does not shy away from controversial topics about education. He sheds God's light on them. I appreciate how he backs up what he says with biblical references.
Through this book, you will learn why you need to teach your children from a biblical worldview no matter what their age.
Can your child answer this question: "Is the Bible true?" Through biblical education, they will be equipped to answer YES to that question with confidence and information to back up their answer.

I highly recommend this book to all parents. Read it yourself. Give extra copies to your friends.
Must Read!
Review by JoyfulMommy
This book is a very worthwhile read for anyone who is a parent, hopes to be a parent, or has any interest in the education of our country. As a homeschool graduate from the earliest years of home education in the US, author Israel Wayne has been involved in the grassroots homeschool movement from the ground up and has had a front row seat, so to speak, as it has become more common in our society. A homeschool father and conference speaker himself, he offers a unique perspective on education in America and the importance of parental involvement as laid out in God’s Word.

In the first section of the book, he traces the history of government schooling and its flagrant anti-God agendas and philosophies, providing a compelling argument for why it is more important than ever for parents to instruct their children at home with a solid biblical worldview.

The second part of the book shows us how to look for the precept, principle, and Person in each academic discipline. It’s a reminder that we are to know God so we can imitate Him, and each of the academic disciplines actually teaches us more about God as revealed in His Word and creation. There truly is no neutral in education: it either glorifies God or man. This was my favorite part of the book and something I wish I had understood as a student. It truly makes “school” come alive and gives it so much greater worth and meaning!

This quote sums up the passion I feel after reading this book: “Do your children realize that everything they are learning in the process of homeschooling is to prepare them to reflect the goodness of God by loving and serving others? Do they realize that they need to apply themselves to doing the best that they can in every endeavor because they represent Christ (see Eccles. 9:10 and Col. 3:23–24)? Do they know that academic study is more than an abstract practice of rote memorization of facts and information? Do they realize that every subject area teaches them something about the nature and character of the God who made each academic discipline? Do they see that they are preparing themselves now for a life of service and ministry to others through whatever professional career they may choose? In other words, are you imparting to your children that the daily lessons they are learning now are fitting and equipping them for a grand life-mission, reaching out far beyond themselves?”

I have read and highlighted my book multiple times. We keep extras on hand to loan or give away. But as much as I enjoy the printed volume, having it available in audio format is wonderful as it gives me an opportunity to review while working in the kitchen, doing laundry, etc. It’s an excellent reminder of why we are doing what we are doing, and helps me keep my priorities in focus.
Everyone should read this book!
Review by Ashlee
This is, hands down, my favorite homeschool book for adults! I've read it twice and have gifted a copy to several moms. I even gave my copy to a mama from church I was talking about homeschool with and had to buy myself a new copy! I think all Christian parents should read this book & give it out to others! It's amazing!!
Review by Ashley
I am barely into the book, but MAN it is awesome! I love his style of writing and how logical it is. I also love the amount of research that has gone into this book and how he has synthesized all opinions regarding education. This is a well researched and rebutted topic and I am learning so much already from it. As a previous public school teacher turned homeschool mom, it has solidified my decision to homeschool and has stirred a passion to take a definitive stance on this issue and encourage other parents to do that same! I have already recommended this book to several people! Fantastic read and would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it! This should be a required read for those pursuing Education as a profession! Great books!
Very informative
Review by Michele
This book is really amazing. Israel Wayne happens to be one of my favorite authors. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has a ton of information and Bible to always back what he writes. If you were ever on the fence about homeschooling your child or children, after reading this great book, you won’t be any longer.
I also love the quotes from Martin Luther.
Great book
Review by Heather
I wish I would have had this book before I started homeschooling 2 years ago, but I'm so happy I have it now. Great information and references to God's opinion on education and how we should be educating our children.
Worth the Read
Review by Lynette
This book has been a wonderful blessing. I was homeschooled in middle and high school and am now in the second year of homeschooling my own crew after spending our first few years in the public school system. Reading this book has really opened my eyes to the wonderful blessing and responsibility God has given my husband and I when it comes to their schooling and discipling them. This book has been convicting and challenging. Through this book I came to realize that I had not fully embraced the blessing that homeschooling is for all of us.. I was allowing my own idea of perfection to create a burden within our homeschool life that God never intended to be there. This book has been encouraging in allowing me to come to fully embrace and love all that homeschooling is and does for myself and my students. I'm all in now and have no plans to stop homeschooling.
This is a good eye opening book so far…
Review by Jenna
So I have just started this book but the first chapter is so good and it is really hard to put down and not continue to keep reading it. I would recommend you to read this if your thinking about reading it.
Highly Recommend
Review by Christina A
This is a must-read if you are a parent thinking about homeschooling or are needing some defense on your decision to do so. This book brings to light things we may not have thought about when it comes to school outside the home. So eye-opening!
Read this!
Review by Kristal
An amazing book, especially for those on the fence about homeschooling. It will help bring to light God's hand in education and how we can answer the call as parents to God's faithful nudging. Highly recommended.
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