Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems (Set)


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For Ages 8-12

In Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory Systems, Master Books homeschool science curriculum for grades 4-6, students will study the nervous, respiratory, and circulation systems in the human body. Inside this fascinating study of anatomy and physiology, your student will discover how the brain communicates with the rest of the body, how we breathe, why our circulation system is essential, and so much more!

Through engaging text, beautiful illustrations, worksheets, and optional activities, this course will confirm to your student that they are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made by God! Lessons are scheduled four times a weeks and take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete

What’s Included

1 x Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems (Teacher Guide - Revised)
1 x God's Wondrous Machine
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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems (Set)
ISBN 13 9781683443209
Series God's Wondrous Machine
Contributors Dr. Lainna Callentine
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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Discover God’s Intricate Design in the Human Body!

Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory Systems takes your student on an exciting exploration of God’s incredible design of the human body. Through beautiful illustrations, historical perspective, engaging activities, this course will guide students through a fascinating study of the following systems.

Nervous System

Students will explore the main areas and structures of the brain as they discover the important role each plays! As they study the incredible design of the nervous system, students will also learn important historical discoveries and modern medical techniques used for diagnosis and repair of the brain.

Respiratory System

Students examine the human body’s respiratory system and explore the structure, function, diseases, and God’s efficient, effective design! Your student will learn fast facts and important discoveries that helped medical professionals understand the mechanisms of our lungs, sinus cavities, and diaphragm, as well as find out why the common cold isn’t so common after all!

Circulatory System

Explore the human heart, blood, and blood vessels that make up the body’s circulatory system. Students learn about the mechanics of the circulatory system in transporting nutrients, blood, chemicals, and more to cells within the body, as well as how it helps fight disease and maintains a properly balanced temperature!

Flexible to Engage Your Student

Elementary Anatomy focuses on practical application as students explore the human body, encouraging them to understand how what they are learning applies to medicine and our everyday lives. This homeschool science curriculum appeals to multiple learning styles. Optional hands-on activities, experiments, vocabulary levels, and labs —create a flexible learning environment sure to engage your student!

Elementary Anatomy Teacher Guide

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Worksheets
  • Exams
  • Answer Key
  • Optional Activities & Objectives

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 4x per week
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Recommended Grade Level: 4th - 6th
Nice set
Review by Amber
I really loved the authors forward bringing everything back to God. I thought this set was great but my son hated it. Not the fault of the books, he just isn't interested in this subject at all!
Award Worthy Curriculum
Review by Virginia
The Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems (Set) is designed for the 4th to 6th grade student to complete over 36 weeks, five days a week. It includes a suggested daily schedule. It has 3 units, each of which cover a system of the body. Each unit includes learning objectives, supply lists, rubrics, a variety of activities and worksheets. The student book is very colorful with vibrant images and illustrations. The text is engaging, which makes the subject approachable for students. It is absolutely award-worthy.
I would highly recommend getting the paperback copy of the student book because it is too beautiful to print in black and white!
We Love it!
Review by deon
This course is taught by a former ER doctor who is now a homeschool mom. The course is detailed enough to teach but appropriate for the elementary students.

This course is for 4th--6th grade. It is intended for a 5-day week, to allow for a 36 week class.

This teacher guide is for the companion book God’s Wondrous Machine. The reading and worksheets are not on the same day. This is so nice to allow for opportunities to talk about the reading before the worksheets are done. The teacher's guide is clear. There are so many engaging parts, writing, matching, drama and hands-on activities.

This book is being used as the textbook for Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems.

The book (God's Wondrous Machine) is so beautiful. It has vivid images, history, and weird facts. Making connections to the Bible is so important in science. So glad for these reminders throughout.
This book would be great to help spark interest for kids interested in medicine.

Age Appropriate Content, Interesting, and Engaging.
Review by Dawn
This is an engaging anatomy course from a Christian perspective. It includes some wonderful full-color illustrations, historical information, timelines, three levels of vocabulary words, and even Biblical references. The conversational style of the writing makes it more engaging than a typical textbook, but it is still packed with solid scientific information.
Fantastic course to learn about the human body
Review by Kathleen
God's Wondrous Machine: This book covers the Nervous System, Respiratory System, and Circulatory System.
Each unit covers vocabulary, word pronunciation, historical information, timelines, biblical references, and vibrant photos.
The illustrations in this book are amazing. You feel like you can see inside the human body.
There are many areas titled I am Wonderfully Made that point out what scripture says about that area.
We had a lot of laughs with the section in each unit titled: Youve Got to be Kidding. Jokes that have to do with that part of the body. My sons favorite was How do you prevent a summer cold? Catch it in the winter.
This is a great book for students and parents. I am so pleased with all of the information in this book. We learned a lot of valuable things.
Teacher Guide: This teacher guide starts off by explaining the Eight Areas of Intelligence. It was very interesting.
At the back of the book, there was also an activity worksheet overview. That tells you which area of intelligence the activities in each lesson are best suited for. I found this really helpful.

The variety of activities in the teacher guide was wonderful. Some of them are: matching, short answer, short story, biblical references, fill in the blank, dictionary usage, timeline, project activities, word scramble, and our favorite: make a commercial

This was designed to be used by a 4th-6th grade student. It includes a 36-week schedule with lessons scheduled 5 days a week.
Another bonus is the rubrics to help with grading.

I highly recommend this course. I am learning so much along with my child. It is written so well that you just want to keep reading
Excellent Elementary Anatomy Course
Review by Becky V.
God’s Wondrous Machine is a biblically based elementary anatomy course that covers the nervous system, respiratory system, and circulatory system.

Dr. Lainna Callentine, a former elementary teacher turned ER doctor turned homeschooling mom to three, combines all of her passions in authoring this course. The student text is put together beautifully and is written in a conversational way, while also teaching complex topics in a language your student will understand. The subject matter is taught at a detailed level, but still age appropriate for the elementary student.

I am greatly impressed by the images and tables used in this student text. As soon as my daughter saw the book, she had to go through it page by page! You really can’t go wrong with this course - it will definitely excite your student as they go through the text. Most important, I absolutely love how the author ties everything back to the One who created us by continually pointing the student back to God’s Word.

While my daughter dove into the beauty of the student text, I personally took in the beauty that is the teacher guide!

This course is designed for the 4th to 6th grade student to complete over 36 weeks, five days a week. The Teacher Guide includes a recommended weekly lesson schedule, supply list, activities, answer key, and tests (units and final exam). Objectives and supply lists are included at the start of each of the three units for easy reference.

The activities included in this guide were designed to help students of all learning styles. It was created with the intent of flexibility, for you to be able to choose which activities would be best for the learning style of your student. This is also great to use as you can cater to each individual student while also learning together as a family if you have multiple students.

I just love the variety of activities, covering matching, short answers, short story challenges, scripture copy work, fill in the blanks, timelines, designing models, dissections, and so on. Your student will not get bored because each day will bring a different style of learning.

I would highly recommend this course for an upper elementary student who wants to learn more about the human body and how God has created us.
Excellent Upper Elementary Science Course
Review by Lexie
This course is very informative for the upper elementary aged child. I could see this also being easily adaptable to an entire family science study to look into the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems. There are 3 levels of difficulty for vocabulary that can be suited to the child that is being taught. Each section has very interesting areas that dig further into topics that we found particularly interesting. The section on yawning was really memorable to us. We love how the author relates how the evolutionary theory is flawed when viewed Biblically in relation to yawning. This text goes into a lot of detail about topics that the student may be vaguely familiar with and provides information in an easy to read format as well as wonderful pictures. One instance that comes to mind for me is the section on Cystic Fibrosis. As a family that knows a child with this disease, my children really only knew that it is a lung disease, but this text taught us what the disease is, the different body systems it impacts other than the lungs, the specific gene where it is found, who is impacted, and the inventor of the test commonly used to test for CF. In addition, I loved reading about different people that the author featured - esp Martha Mason - the woman with the iron will - in which we learned of a woman who lived for 61 years in an iron lung after contracting polio. I highly recommend this book to those looking to study these body systems in more detail with your family.
Beautiful set!
Review by Yulia
Very unique in my experience approach in studying Human Anatomy. It includes beautiful pictures, interesting real stories to study, fun activities, tests, worksheets, timelines and more. The author created this course to appeal to all 8 learning styles which is a rare find! I really enjoyed reading through this course and was amazed how well it is done! Highly recommend!
Fantastic Anatomy Curriculum
Review by Krista
This beautiful anatomy courses covers the Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems, in an easy to understand, and age appropriate way, most importantly: through a biblical lens! Geared towards grades 4-6, yet easily adaptable to suit your child’s current learning level. This course is a wonderful addition to your home library with its full color pages and engaging graphics. I appreciate the thorough teacher guide which provides a list of supplies, teaching tips, and a suggested schedule. We are highly impressed with this curriculum!
A Beautiful Anatomy Course
Review by Catherine
The Elementary Anatomy: Nervous, Respiratory, and Circulatory Systems set is such a wonderful course. The diagrams are detailed and easy to read and easy to replicate in drawings for journals. There are little "know it all" facts scattered throughout the book that are great for little ones to share with family members of friends. I have a range of children in the household and I find that this course can actually be modified for each age group. There are fun family activities such as creating an Edible Oozy Boozy Brain Salad for the brain section of the course! The teacher guide is brilliant and helps with planning supplies, upcoming tests and written student reports. Overall and excellent course that will pave the way for your kiddos no matter what age.

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