Elementary Paleontology (Teacher Guide)

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Step back in time (but not too far!) and enter the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Learn about the different kinds of dinosaurs, what they ate, when they lived, what happened to them, and more. You’ll even discover that dinosaurs and people lived together!

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There is so much to learn about dinosaurs. We can find information from fossils, historical writings and art, and the Bible. These sources help us piece together the history of dinosaurs — what they looked like, what they ate, where they lived, how and why they died. Each book in this course provides a different perspective of dinosaurs and what we know about them, all from a young-earth approach.

Sea reptiles (and a few flying reptiles) are studied in this course as well. They are often lumped in together with dinosaurs, so it is important to make a distinction — dinosaurs being land reptiles, where the other two groups are flying and sea reptiles.

The books covered in this Teacher Guide are Dinosaurs for Kids, Dinosaurs of Eden, Dinosaurs by Design, Dragons of the Deep, and The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure.

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