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Dig into the history, excavation, and biblical evidence of dinosaurs in this exciting homeschool science course designed for 4th – 6th grade students. In Master Books’ Elementary Paleontology Curriculum Pack, students will discover dinosaur names, diets, discovery locations, as well as the excavating, cleaning, and assembling of their fossils. This Teacher Guide is a vital resource for scheduling, completing, and grading assignments.

Now Elementary Paleontology is even easier with video instruction. Learn more and watch the first chapter for free at https://www.masterbooks.com/introducing-master-books-academy.

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Title Elementary Paleontology (Teacher Guide)
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Start at the surface and dig your way into the fascinating world of dinosaurs, fossil finds, and sea monsters with Master Books’ homeschool science curriculum, Elementary Paleontology. Designed to deliver an unforgettable biblical worldview of dinosaurs to students ranging from 4th – 6th grade, this course proves the silliness of evolution and trains your student to defend their faith in God’s Word.

Hands-on-activities in this course add to the fun lessons which are scheduled for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week! Students will complete dinosaur profiles, create their own flash cards and dinopedia, make edible dinosaur eggs, keep a journal, and more!

Course Objectives:

  • Dig into the various kinds of dinosaurs that God created — their names, diets, discovery locations, behaviors, and more
  • Explore the process of finding, excavating, cleaning, and assembling dinosaur fossils
  • Learn how to spot false information about dinosaurs and how dinosaurs relate to the Bible
  • Discover the difference between dinosaurs, flying reptiles, and marine reptiles
  • Go deep diving with some of the biggest sea monsters from the past and present
  • Trek through the Alaskan wilderness on the hunt for frozen dinosaur bones

Within the Elementary Paleontology Teacher Guide, you will find:

  • Instructional material enhanced with worksheets and quizzes, all from a Christian creationist perspective
  • Bonus activities that provide additional learning experiences for students
  • A suggested weekly schedule – saving your time!
  • Worksheets to help assess your student’s learning
  • Quizzes and tests to help reinforce learning and provide assessment opportunities; optional final exam included
  • Answer keys for worksheets, quizzes, and tests
Such a fun, group course!!
Review by
I did this Palentology course with my 6th, 4th, and 2nd grader all 3 together! I first thought only the boys would be interested but my daughter wanted to join in too. There is so much good information and evidence about dinosaurs lining up with the Bible.. Also lots of fun projects and experiments. My kids LOVED doing the Garden of Eden project, and even my Kindergartener insisted we allow her to make one too! It's been a very fun year for everyone and I am glad we took a break from our typical Science courses to do this fun class together as a family.
Supportive Material
Review by
This teacher's guide is a perfect connection between the texts and the activities that are related to the books. The student reads the information and then completes the assignment.
Inspired a love of biblical science!
Review by
My daughter loved this course. There are easy but fun hands on projects, nothing too complicated but tons of fun. She's learned more about the Old Testament and Creation than ever before. What I love most about this course is the way my daughter has begun to challenge popular beliefs about the timeline of creation and evolution.
Loved it!
Review by
My son had a wonderful and full time and absolutly enjoyed it. My son would work ahead in this book and was always excited to see what was coming next.
Alot of fun
Review by
Very informative and interesting. My son said that he wished that he could repeat these books again because he liked them so much.
Very informative and engaging
Review by
We have just completed this course and my daughter really enjoyed it. We had already purchased a science course, but she saw that this was a new course was being offered and wanted to add it to our classes for this year since she loves dinosaurs. I was pleased with the detail of the information being presented and the layout of the worksheets. I liked that there were some activities included to add variety. I was surprised at how much I learned as well , just by going through the course with my daughter. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Review by
I think this has been our very FAVORITE curriculum yet. We've even taken the time to watch Ken Ham's debate with Bill Nye! How fun! These stories are wonderful! I am new to Master Books so I didn't realize I am best to have a Teacher's Guide for each child. It's much cheaper to order books than to make copies for each child. I do only have two children but I was copying a lot so my husband and I ordered teachers guides on all of our curriculum so my kids could both have their own. So we did essentially order a set but then we added another TG to a later order. Best thing ever! The books are affordable enough to simply get each child their own. I love how I can teach both children 3rd/4th grades the same lesson. Then my kids can talk together about the lesson. It can be a lot of writing for a 3rd grade boy but when he seems overwhelmed I write for him and his creativity and answers flow.
Review by
My boys love all the color worksheets and it fits perfectly with all the books.
Great Resource
Review by
My son, 6th grade loves the workbook. I think that the worksheets are geared well for his age group. There are some worksheets that are more geared for the 4th-grade students which I think that they will absolutely love. I think that if you take time to pick and choose based on your child this will be a great resource.
We are doing the set with the video.
Review by
We both look forward to this every day! So many nuggets of information about our faith, our timeline, and how to reproof evolution. It has been perfect for my fourth grade girl. We both highly recommend this course.

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