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For Ages 12-14

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Elements of Faith: A Creation-based Journey Through the Periodic Table is a pre-chemistry homeschool curriculum designed for junior high students. While many families use this newly expanded course for science, it can also be used as a bible curriculum or morning basket devotion.

Your students will learn the elements of the periodic table from a biblical worldview, study the great minds behind the discoveries, and find God, the Creator, behind the science.

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Title Elements of Faith
Subtitle A Creation-based Journey Through the Periodic Table
ISBN 13 9781683441809
Contributors Richard Duncan
Binding Paperback
Page Count 448
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Elements of Faith: A Creation-based Journey Through the Periodic Table is a devotional-style guide to the Periodic Table. Designed as a 36-week pre-chemistry homeschool course for junior high students, Elements of Faith brings the Periodic Table to life and shows how each element relates to God’s creation.

Each chapter focuses on one element. Students will learn the etymology of the word (Greek, Hebrew, or Latin), an analysis of the element, and other interesting facts. A biblical worldview of each element is presented to include a relating Bible verse, a God-centered application, and a prayer. Complete with lesson plans, easy-to-implement labs, quizzes, and tests, you'll find everything you need in this one amazing resource!

Full color pages and pictures help make this curriculum fun for students. Even students who do not usually love science courses love Elements of Faith.

Elements of Faith can also be used as a supplement to high school chemistry and a Bible curriculum or devotional.

This text is written by Richard D. Duncan, a professional engineer with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Recommended for grades 7-9. 1 Year / 1 Credit

Review by Carol
This is a great science book not only to learn the Periodic Table, but to keep on the shelf for reference for the parents too. I look forward to studying this book with my son this year.
Not a boring science book!
Review by marilyn
This science was a favorite!! My son learned so much without being overwelmed:) I love how it teaches the periodic table without being dry and boring.
It's not just a science book though, theres so many interesting history stories and great Bible teaching mixed in, I'm glad we picked this one!
Interesting and Effective!
Review by AhsokaPoodle
We hopped into this curriculum mid year of 8th grade after an attempt at a different science text from another company found my son bogged down and frustrated. This curriculum SAVED the year!! His grades went from C's and D's to A's and B's!! He is interested in the material and learning a lot. Wonderful prep for high school science next year.
Independent work
Review by Elizabeth
I love this curriculum for my 7th grade daughter. It is a full years worth of quality, independent work. This will pep her for high school. I also love how scripture is wisely added. Please more like this set up Master Books!!
Great course
Review by Kathryn
I did this together with my 7th and 10th graders. Great pre chemistry class and introduction to the Periodic Table from a biblical worldview. Short lessons, fascinating trivia facts for each element, beautiful photos.
Great curriculum!
Review by bawg
My son loved this course and finished ahead of schedule because he enjoyed it. My husband also really liked it so much that I teased about buying him a book also.
Valuable Course
Review by Julie
Such a fun course. Each lesson is a short read and follows with a short quiz. Don't be fooled though, it may be short but it is full of so much information. Colorful and interesting pages. I love how the book ties God into the elements! This book will not disappoint!
Love love love
Review by Linda
I have never loved a science curriculum before like I love this one. The way they tie the elements and the Bible together is amazing. I might have enjoyed the science more than my children!
Good science
Review by Sara
Very interesting and easy to follow curriculum.
simple and educational (and links Biblical concepts too!)
Review by Cathy
My son is a big fan of this book. We love how it integrates interesting facts about the elements, while pulling in Biblical and faith-based concepts. There are cool experiments (which are easy to do at home, even for non-science parents!) The lessons are tractable, and my son retains the information (he'll tell me stuff he learns weeks after he read it).
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