Elements of Faith (Download)

Elements of Faith (Download)


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For Ages 12-14

Revised & Expanded

Elements of Faith: A Creation-based Journey Through the Periodic Table is a pre-chemistry homeschool curriculum designed for junior high students. While many families use this newly expanded course for science, it can also be used as a bible curriculum or morning basket devotion.

Your students will learn the elements of the periodic table from a biblical worldview, study the great minds behind the discoveries, and find God, the Creator, behind the science.

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Title Elements of Faith (Download)
Subtitle A Creation-based Journey Through the Periodic Table
Contributors Richard Duncan
Page Count 448
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Elements of Faith: A Creation-based Journey Through the Periodic Table is a devotional-style guide to the Periodic Table. Designed as a 36-week pre-chemistry homeschool course for junior high students, Elements of Faith brings the Periodic Table to life and shows how each element relates to God’s creation.

Each chapter focuses on one element. Students will learn the etymology of the word (Greek, Hebrew, or Latin), an analysis of the element, and other interesting facts. A biblical worldview of each element is presented to include a relating Bible verse, a God-centered application, and a prayer. Complete with lesson plans, easy-to-implement labs, quizzes, and tests, you'll find everything you need in this one amazing resource!

Full color pages and pictures help make this curriculum fun for students. Even students who do not usually love science courses love Elements of Faith.

Elements of Faith can also be used as a supplement to high school chemistry and a Bible curriculum or devotional.

This text is written by Richard D. Duncan, a professional engineer with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Digital, physical or both :)
Review by AJ
This book is laid out perfectly. I love the fact that it brings in a biblical view. Monday-Wednesday is a short lesson and 5 questions, then a quiz on Thursday. We do a 4 day school week, so this works so well with our schedule! We use the downloaded version with the physical version so my son can have it read it to him. Sometimes with all the big words he gets frustrated and this was the perfect solution!
Devotional Periodic Table
Review by Theresa
This is an excellent devotional-style guide to the Periodic Table! Each chapter focuses on an element, integrating a Bible verse, the etymology of the word (from Greek, Hebrew, or Latin), interesting facts and background about each element, an analysis of the element, a God-centered application and prayer, and a follow up quiz. There are also experiments (adult supervision required), longer quizzes, and a final exam in the back. The lay out is really attractive, with perfect balance of pictures, text, and colors. It would be a perfect supplement to a chemistry course, stand alone "pre-chemistry" text, or as a gift book for your favorite homeschool mom. In my case, the book is for me now, and my kids later. :-)
Delightfully Impressed
Review by Nikki
I am delightfully impressed with Elements of Faith. The text is colorful and engaging. Each lesson includes a verse, data regarding the element, analysis of the element, an application section - which is biblical application of the element of the lesson, Q&A, and a response section - which is a brief devotional. The curriculum also includes experiments and tests, making this a complete course. It could easily stand alone as a middle school course. It is a little light for high school and would make an excellent supplement. I plan on using it with my 9th grade daughter in her morning basket.

Once again MasterBooks delivers a Biblically sound, Christ-centered, course that is thorough without being heavy-handed or unnecessarily long-winded. Five stars all the way.
Great addition
Review by CC
This book is a wonderful addition to chemistry study. I love the history portion of each element with connection to the useful applications of them.
Love this!
Review by JW
I love this course. It brings the periodic table of elements to life and shows how they relate to God's creation.
Great overview of the periodic table
Review by deon
Easy to read, 36-weeks junior high chemistry course. Great overview of the periodic table elements. The book does a great job connecting science to the Bible. We are using if for high-school supplement. But it could also be used as a morning basket addition.
The Perfect Chemistry Companion
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
Elements of Faith is a thorough, engaging look at the Table of Elements. A complete one year study, students will take a close look at three elements each week of learning; gaining a deeper appreciation for the world God created. Complete with lesson plans, labs, quizzes, and tests, you'll find everything you need in this one amazing resource!
Gentle and engaging
Review by Yulia
I was never a fan of chemistry or especially elements, but I’ll tell you this book make this subject interesting and engaging. It has a two to three page lessons where the author explains the history and shares some facts about an element and then connects it to the Bible and provides small devotional with a prayer. I believe masterbooks added the quizzes and such portion. Quizzes are not hard and to the point. They help student to solidify what is leaned. I am enjoying this book. I feel that it helps my faith grow. I’d definitely recommend it for middle and high school students to use for devotional, morning basket or just an extra material to solidify knowledge of elements.
Beautifully done and definitely not overwhelming.
Review by Lea
I am Delighted to be Implementing Elements of Faith, A Creation based Journey through the Periodic Table at the first of the year in my 8th grader's Science Class, I found this Curriculum to be a Treasure, I Enjoyed the Hebrew Word's and the Meaning that they brought into this Class Well Done.

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