For Time and Forever (Download)

For Time and Forever (Download)


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In For Time and Forever, Dr. Henry Morris inspires Christians to find and fulfill their purpose in “Redeeming the time because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16)

Your vital role in God’s wonderful plan for the earth is clearly presented in the Bible’s Dominion Mandate found in Genesis 1:26-28 and the Great Commission. Bible scholar and creation research scientist, Dr. Morris invites you to see your life calling in the care of God’s creation – the earth and its people. Discover how careful stewardship of your talents and opportunities has personal, national and perhaps even global impact.

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Title For Time and Forever (Digital Download)
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Is all life a result of random processes? We plan our lives and daily routines, but is there a "plan"? Does someone manage individual lives and the order of the universe?

The answer for people of faith, of course, is that God controls all things. The logical conclusion of that belief is that He also has a plan for each individual, and a plan for Earth itself. Man was created to have dominion over the planet, to care for it and its creatures.

In For Time and Forever, Bible authority Henry Morris explores the breadth of what it means to have purpose in God's creation. Besides debunking evolutionary myths, Dr. Morris also answers the cry of man: where do I fit? Does God have a purpose for me? Morris recognizes that since our time is short in terms of life span, we must all work to fulfill the Great Commission: we must recognize the biblical truth that there is an overall plan of salvation and we must work to implement it.

Answering age-old questions like "Why do bad things happen?" and "Is there a heaven and a hell?" Morris provides a framework for laymen and scholars alike to see their true purposes.

Thought Provoking
Review by Becky V
I have read a few books by Dr. Henry M. Morris and always walk away refreshed and having learned something new. This book does not disappoint.

Though this book was written quite a few years ago (2004), it is just as relevant today as it was then. I especially appreciated the topic of the Dominion Mandate as it was revealed in Genesis. This was something I had never really heard about or had brought to my attention, and I just found it fascinating to read about. The God-given responsibility we have while we live our life on earth.

Morris goes deep into what he writes, as he is very passionate, but it is written in a way that leaves you with understanding instead of being way over your head. This book covers the topics of atheism, evolution, monogamous life-long marriage, human government, education, how we spend our time, and so much more.

I would highly recommend this book. Not only does it introduce you to ideas that you may never have thought about, but it also challenges you to look at all things through the eyes of Biblical truth, the Word of God.

"Time is our most valuable possession; once lost, it can never be regained."

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