For You They Signed (All-in-One Edition - Download)

For You They Signed (All-in-One Edition - Download)


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For Grades 7-9

For You They Signed (All in One Edition): The Spiritual Heritage of Those Who Shaped Our Nation is a unique open and go homeschool curriculum designed to teach junior high students America’s history and its Christian roots. While many work to erase our nation’s history of honoring Almighty God, this course uses source documents to reveal the truth. Students will learn about each of the signers of the Declaration of Indepedence, study Christian character traits, and much more.

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title For You They Signed (All-in-One Edition - Download)
Contributors Marilyn Boyer
Page Count 556
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Study the Christian heritage of those who shaped America in Marilyn Boyer’s revised For You They Signed. This all-in-one edition offers both the student text as well as the assignments, quizzes, and cumulative tests.

This study of our Christian heritage is focused on the historical events and people surrounding the Declaration of Independence. The early Founding Fathers of the United States of America were men of principle who debated important points of government, liberty, and the God-given rights of mankind. Their work and sacrifice created an enduring legacy that led to some of the most influential documents in history, like the Constitution of the United States of America.

In this American history homeschool curriculum, your junior high students will have an opportunity to learn how the American colonists chose to respond to the increasing tyranny of the British Empire and why the course of revolution was one they took after all other efforts at relief had failed.

Designed for grades 7-9, lessons contain a mix of source documents, related scriptures, short biographies, quotes, and real-world connections. The course includes a suggested daily schedule and a variety of exercises to enhance understanding of the course material.

Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate the signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • Investigate the Christian principles America was founded on
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Christian character
  • Learn why the Declaration of Independence is still important
  • Be inspired by the founding Fathers' faith and courage

Course Includes:

  • Flexible 180-Day Schedule: Approximately 45 minutes per lesson, 5 days a week
  • Open & Go - Daily Schedule, Answer Keys
  • Engaging Application - Source Documents, related scriptures, signer quotes, real world connections
  • Assessments, Quizzes, Cumulative tests
  • Note-taking component as a part of each review day.
Great course
Review by Dustie
This is a treasure! “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it,” John Quincey Adams once said. To do so, we must learn about the sacrifices the signers made and why they were willing to sacrifice everything for the freedom of future Americans. One aspect that is often left out of history books is the impact the act of signing the Declaration had on the families of these men. The author does a fantastic job of shedding light on this subject.
This book covers all 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. It is really interesting to see their different careers, educational backgrounds, and family lives. In addition, it is amazing to see the role their faith played in shaping our nation.
It is broken up into short lessons, so the content is not overwhelming. There are short worksheets for each lesson to help the student retain the material. The author presents each group of signers by their colony. It is well-organized and easy to follow. As is characteristic of Master Books courses, there is a schedule in the front of the book. The quizzes, tests, and answer keys are in the back. It is convenient to have the entire course in one book! We’ve chosen to use this as a follow up to Civics and the Constitution.
Interesting, beautifully designed, character-growing, and faith-building!
Review by JoyfulMommy
This curriculum is typical of other Master Books courses in that it is beautifully designed to be engaging, faith-building, and easy-to-use with a ready-made schedule.

The chapters about each signer are well-written, interesting, and full of quotes from the signer himself or others about him or the circumstances. I enjoyed things like excerpts from letters, descriptions by fellow-signers, or the conversation between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson about who should write the Declaration of Independence. The reader is introduced to various developments and careers of the time as they read about these doctors, lawyers, merchants, etc. And of course, a broader/deeper understanding of the Revolutionary War is gained as you read so many of the “behind the scenes” accounts of what was happening in the midst of it all.

I like the introduction to each signer with an at-a-glance quick facts column covering important details of their life, and I appreciate the details included in the book’s design such as the signer’s signature under their name for each chapter title. There are beautiful illustrations throughout the book along with helpful timelines of each signer’s public service. The character of each man is emphasized and evaluated in the student activities, with an emphasis on personal application. Scripture copywork is integrated as the passages are applied to the life of the man studied, as well as the students’. I think this is another excellent faith-building curriculum that will help our students not only appreciate the heritage of our country, but recognize that God has a place for them in protecting and standing strong for the freedoms we now enjoy.
Fascinating course
Review by Laura
Understanding the foundation of our country is very important. How many Americans can truly say that they know the values of the founding fathers and the sacrifices they made to ensure our freedoms that we enjoy today? The Declaration of Independence is often quickly taught without giving a second thought to the men behind the signatures. This book is packed with information for each signer including a summary of their basic personal information and public service timeline in government. It is formatted in a way that isn’t overwhelming. To reinforce what has been read, there are worksheets for every 2 to 2.5 pages. At the end of the book are all the teacher resources such as quizzes, tests and answer keys. This book is truly insightful into the heart behind the forming of The Declaration of Independence.

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