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For Ages 15-18

The Master Books' Geometry Teacher Guide is a key component to this best-selling high school math course. Inside, you will find a suggested daily schedule, tests, and answer keys to the tests saving you time. This guide will save you many hours of preparation.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Geometry (Teacher Guide)
Series Jacob's Math
ISBN 13 9781683440222
Contributors Harold Jacobs
Binding Paperback
Page Count 266
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Master Books’ best-selling Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding course has become a highly respected standard for teaching high school math in both top schools nationwide and within the homeschool market.

The Geometry Teacher Guide Includes:

  • Convenient suggested daily schedule—saving you time!
  • Tests (chapter, mid-term, final exam, & alternate test versions)
  • Test Solutions
  • Practical 3-hole punched perforated pages for ease of use

Master Books’ Geometry course utilizes a clear, conversational, and engaging approach to teach your high school student. This best-selling course guides your student to mastery of geometric concepts and principles through practical, real-life application. Students find this course easy to follow and are often able to work independently. This is a one-year course requiring 60 - 75 minutes of study per day, 5 days a week.

Helps you understand the practical necessity for learning Geometry along with a deeper understanding of how and why it works.
Review by Kathleen
I love the practicality of the lessons. Some of the things covered in this book are: how lines are used in designing a city, telling time with shadows, angles in measuring the earth, how polygons were used for pyramid architecture, and many others.

This is not a typical Geometry book that gives you words and definitions without context. The author uses entertaining illustrations, including cartoons. There are pictures throughout that demonstrate how that concept is used in the world.
Some helpful things included are an Algebra review and a Summary, and Review in each chapter.
There are three books for this level. Student Textbook (where the problems are) Teacher Guide (schedule, instruction, and solutions), and a Solutions Manual (fully worked out solutions for each problem).
There is also a video course for this level in Masterbooks Academy.
Advanced Curriculum
Review by Lexie
This curriculum follows the very familiar design and layout if you are accustomed to Master Books math curriculum. My daughter has been in MB math since MLFLE 4, so this seemed like a perfect fit. If you are not used to MB curriculum, this book will involve a bit of reading to understand a concept, but I feel it is explained in words very well to understand how to perform these problems. If your student is not understanding or you just like the idea, there is a Masterbooks Academy course with an instructor that I feel is a really good teacher. This curriculum is set to cover 180 days. The main text is where you will find the lessons and problems to work daily. The teacher's guide is where you will find your tests and quizzes and their answers. The solution's manual is where you will find the answers to the daily problems from the textbook. Each lesson will have problems divided into sets !!!, and !!!, with !!! being like a challenge or bonus question. This course covers what you would typically expect a geometry curriculum to cover (circles, arcs, inequalities, congruence, polygons, quadrilaterals, etc.). There is a descent amount of work to do within the textbook, so as a parent, I felt it was acceptable to do every other problem in a lot of the lessons (especially for questions that would have 10-12 problems of the same type to practice). I do feel that this is a very advanced curriculum that would help your child if they plan to study more advanced mathematics.
Helpful Curriculum Companion
Review by Crystal
The Geometry teacher guide is a great companion to the student book. It contains the tests and answer key and suggested daily schedule. Also included is a glossary and list of formulas, postulates, and theorems, which are great teaching tools to quickly reference. The teacher guide is simple and to the point, making it a great addition to the Geometry curriculum.
Review by Dustie
This geometry course is well organized, with clear objectives. The focus on real world application is great, as helps students become more aware of geometry in the world around them. 
The teacher guide contains exams for each chapter, as well as a midterm exam and a final exam. The answer key for exams is also included in this book. The glossary and formulary at the beginning serve as a helpful guide and refresher for the parent. The teacher guide is a necessary resource for this course. It keeps a parent on track and manages a proper work load for each day.
Great recourse for testing
Review by Ashley
This book is for the geometry course book. It includes a scheduled test for each chapter, a midterm, and final exam for the course, along with the answer key to the test and exams if you want to see if your student is understanding what they are learning. I highly recommend this teacher's guide.
Great tool for me :)
Review by Paola
I love the TG that MB offer. it makes my job so much simpler and I can spend more time with my daughter instead of coming up with practice exercises and tests.

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