Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths


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We must set aside the old ways of thinking, the ways that speak of myths as simple legends, and begin to consider the idea that the ancient world knew something we don’t: its own history. Perhaps mythology contains more truth than we realize!

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Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths

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Title Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths
ISBN 13 9780890518649
Contributors Bill Looney, Charles Martin
Binding Hardback
Page Count 24
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 12 x 10 1/2

The word “myth” has come to mean “fiction” in our minds, and so some people take Bible accounts, Aesop’s fables, and Greek myths and place them all in the same category. But what if some of the old legends are true? Rather than dismiss these narratives, perhaps we should investigate them. In this case, the world is filled with giant legends that speak of heroes and wars. In this highly engaging book of giants you will discover

  • Unique glimpses into the ancient accounts of giants from around the world
  • What does the Bible say about giants?
  • Full-color artistry developed in an interactive format with fold outs and flaps, booklets, and more!
  • A spectacular center spread stretching 4-feet across!

It is fascinating that the ancient world agreed on many aspects of the Bible, one of these being that early in the history of mankind, a race of violent, yet intelligent giants walked the earth, were destroyed by the Flood. Through historical records, the pre-Flood and post-Flood worlds are reconstructed, with giants re-emerging in and around Israel, and you’ll see one more reason that the Bible can be trusted.

My son loves it!
Review by So cool
These books are so cool! And we all learn a lot of interesting info.
Review by Janeane
My kids love this book and so do I! There are so many flaps and tabs and interactive elements and the stories are very interesting and new.
So Awesome
Review by Joanna
I haven`t been that intrigued by legends and such things but this book is so engaging. My sons can`t wait to get there hands on it.
Adults and Kids Enjoy It
Review by Faithfultam
Learning about Giants has held the interest of our entire family! This book is beautifully illustrated and the legends are fun to discover.
Great book!
Review by Sabrina
I love this book even as an adult! This book and the others like them are great for children small and old. Growing children means growing curiosity and this book is great for that!
Awesome book!
Review by Holly
This book is so cool! We were fortunate to grab it as a “scratch and dent” item, and I’m so glad we did! Great overview of myths and legends from around the world, plus great biblical stories, terms, and applications. The pull tabs, flaps, and great illustrations make it very fun.
A Great Add!!
Review by Melanie
The illustrations are AMAZING! My kid's at that age of starting to understand fiction verses nonfiction & this book gives me a wonderful opportunity to discuss how partial true information can be retold & changed into legend & myth. A great way to remind her to check back with the Bible! Pointing it all out with her favorite artist (Bill Looney), will be fun & help me teach the need for discernment.
So much information!
Review by Sarah
My kids 7&10 are fascinated by this book. So many lift the flaps to read and such great illustrations. I love that it not only talks about giants in the Bible, but also where all the myths and legends surrounding giants began. It is a book that my kids have come back to explore many times.
We loved it!
Review by Maryann
Beautifully illustrated and full of information. Very interactive. My 11yr old loved it.
Great Book, visually stunning..
Review by Jennifer
This is a treat for the eyes. The illustration is superb. My kids love the flaps and movable parts of the book. My son remembered the Anakim during our Bible reading!
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