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Today, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies are saving lives in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. In 1969, this kind of technique was just an idea in the visionary mind of Dr. Raymond Damadian.

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Title Gifted Mind
Subtitle The Dr. Raymond Damadian Story, Inventor of the MRI
ISBN 13 9780890518038
Contributors Dr. Raymond Damadian, Jeff Kinley
Binding Hardback
Page Count 240
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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One man’s search for truth on a personal journey of invention and faith!

Today, magnetic resonance imaging machines (MRIs) and similar technologies are saving lives in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. In 1969, this kind of technique was just an idea in the visionary mind of Dr. Raymond Damadian.

As a young boy, he watched his grandmother die painfully from breast cancer. Dr. Damadian would eventually decide on a career in medical research and pioneer this field of amazing research. Although in 1971 his concept of detecting tumors through magnetic resonance imaging was widely met with skepticism, he became the first researcher to do a full-body scan of a human being in 1977 in order to see if there was cancer present. His life has been an incredible journey of discovery helping you learn:

  • How his concept for cancer detection was inspired and developed
  • Why faith became an integral part of his work
  • Why he is a strong supporter of the creativity and freedom found in patents.

From resourcefully creating his discoveries on a shoestring budget to a battle with the business behemoth known as G.E., learn how the exciting development of this technology led him to a self examination of his life and faith. What driving force is at the heart of what can arguably be called one of the greatest minds in the past 50 years and how does faith play a crucial role in his work?

Review by Yulia
This is a story of bravery, perseverance, lost and found hope. Dr. Raymond Damadian dedicated years of his life to invent MRI machine to help detect cancer: he persevered though struggles and rejection to achieve his goal, so he can help other to get closer to the cure of cancer.

The story of God's providence even though Dr. Raymond was doubting God at the moment which prompted him to return to God. The story of Dr. Raymond is encouraging and uplifting. It teaches faith and perseverance regardless of the obstacles, and it shows that even if God gives us ideas, it does not mean that there will be no obstacles to achieve them, but where God guides, He provides.

This book will be amazing for the scientists because it includes a lot of scientifical and technical language, as well as for the regular reader to find encouragement and learn about amazing God's provision.

I was given a digital copy of this book for free in an exchange for my honest opinion.
A Story of Faith
Review by Rebecca
Gifted Mind is a memoir of Dr. Raymond Damadian, the man who discovered that a distinction could be made between tumors and normal tissue by nuclear magnetic resonance. Using this science, he built the first human-sized MRI scanner that produced the very first MRI image of a human being.

Life’s circumstances led Dr. Damadian into research with a desire to find a cure to cancer. This is his story of the specifics of one idea that led him to inventing the MRI and the opposition and trials he had to overcome in order to do so. It’s a story of faith, of falling away, and of being found once again. A man of courage and perseverance. A man who, despite all that he has accomplished, found that fulfillment can only be found in Jesus Christ.

I found this book fascinating as I read it, as anything medical has always intrigued me, and I couldn’t put this one down. This book is one about the discovery of the MRI as much as it is about Truth. There were a couple of areas in some chapters that took a little more time to get through because of how technical they got, but you could easily skim past those parts and not miss out on what Dr. Damadian’s story is truly about:

“For those who believe on Jesus Christ, we are not only called to be different, but also to make a difference as well (Matthew 28:18-20; Galatians 6:10; Ephesians 4:28).”

I would recommend this book for anyone with an interest in medical technology & how God uses His people to accomplish His plan.

I received a free copy of the digital format of this book. All opinions in this review are my own.
Persevering no matter the cost
Review by Lynette
Dr. Damadians' story about he came to have the idea to invent the MRI, how he persisted despite opposition, and how he came to the understanding that Creation Science is true science is truly an inspiring read. I never really gave much thought to the MRI machine. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. He was ridiculed, his patents were stolen, and much more happened, yet Dr. Damadian persevered. He is and should be a wonderful inspiration to all of us to not give up when all is hopeless, but to trust the Lord and keep going for His glory. I was given a free copy in exhange for my honest opinion.
Could not put this book down!
Review by Kristy
I was recently given an e-copy of the book The Gifted Mind by Jeff Kinley in exchange for an honest review. It is the life story of Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI. I didn’t know what to expect when reading this book but I can definitely tell you, it is worth the read. I couldn’t put it down.

Dr. Damadian has such an interesting story and Jeff Kinley relates it so well. The book covers his entire life including how his parents were immigrants who came from Armenia. That story in itself is very fascinating for anyone who loves history and stories about actual people and events.

Dr. Damadian’s childhood in New York is full of so many captivating experiences. In his spare time as a child, he would do math problems and read science textbooks. He also loved to draw and build many things. Early on, he wanted to be a concert violinist but then won the Ford Foundation’s “Pre-Induction Scholarship” (only awarded to those seeking college before age 16) to the University of Wisconsin.

Soon after he met his wife, he gave his life to the Lord at a Billy Graham Crusade in NYC. When he went off to medical school, things changed and his views changed because most science out there is all about evolution and atheism. He eventually saw that as wrong and came back to the Lord.

He says that one of the reasons for his incredible research was his grandmother. When he was 10 years old, his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lived with his family at the time and suffered for months in agonizing pain. That experience stayed with him for his whole life and prompted him to work hard in his research. He says he never intended to invent the MRI, his goal was only to possibly help alter the tragic consequences of cancer. Now we see the results of such dedication.

Dr. Damadian is a Christian man who attributes God to the invention of the MRI and his whole life. He seeks out God’s truth in all he does and believes that Christians should not just talk the talk but walk the walk as well. Others will see God through us and is we are living for Him, it is a testimony to our faith in Him and what He has done in our lives.

I highly recommend this book. Knowing that the inventor of the MRI, a life-saving machine, is a Christian and gives God all of the glory gave me a sense of peace. God can use anyone for anything but He chose Dr. Raymond Damadian to invent one of the most incredible machines in modern history.
The fascinating story of a humble believer in Jesus Christ seeking to help people.
Review by Peter
Gifted Mind: The Dr. Raymond Damadian Story – Inventor of the MRI is an enjoyable story of a very gifted man who, in response to his grandmother’s cancer, decided there must be a way to detect cancer non-invasively – and the seed for the MRI was planted.

The first chapter, rather being “I was born…”, is a historical presentation of the rationality of being a Christian believer and a scientist. This set the stage for a very different autobiography – one in which the author is very concerned to show the truth of Christianity – the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the wonders of science being part of the revelation of God in nature that God has blessed those who seek to find.

In chapters 2 through 6, he tells the story of his life, the life-changing influence of his grandmother dying horribly of cancer, and how this propelled him to find a way to detect cancer early – and thus, in the Providence of God – the first MRI.

Chapter 7 looks at the violation of his patent and the lawsuits that followed.

Chapter 8 looks at the pain and frustration he has from not being nominated for the Nobel Prize. Although he submits to the Sovereignty of God, it is impossible not to wince at the pain as he explains how he was kept from the award.

Chapter 9 turns to examine the possibility that the human eye, ear, and heart came into being through the chance methodology of evolution. He concludes that the only variation among creatures are within kinds, not across them (178). He writes, “Could God have made the word in 14 billion years? Yes. Could He have taken twice that length of time. Again, yes. Evolution is logically possible (because God is infinite and can do anything He desires) but scientifically untenable (because there is no scientific evidence to support it)” (182, italics his).

The final chapter is a praise to God for the possible good that God will use his work -- in the creation of the MRI – for. Not matter what he struggled in his life – all good is to the glory of God.

The appendix looks at Jesus as the Source of all Truth.

This is a fascination story and a great story of God working through men and women and science to reveal all that He has done for us. The transition from purely autobiographical chapters to theology is a little bumpy, but more editing will ease that. This book is worth one’s time. May it turn may to praise our God and Savior.


[I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This review appears on my blog,, and]

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