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Evolution is a model, hypothesis, idea, belief, or a worldview – it is not a theory, a law, a fact, or the truth. God’s Word is the truth. Darwinian evolution as an explanation for human origins is a philosophy that raises its fist at God, but ultimately fails scientifically.

A powerful team of credentialed scientists, researchers, and Biblical apologists take on the pillars of evolution in Glass House: Shattering the Myth of Evolution. The truths they reveal decimate Darwin’s beliefs using a Biblical and logical approach to evidence.

In our culture, atheists and many Christians have been deceived into believing evolution is a solid foundation. Glass House answers evolutionary claims, puts them to the test and demonstrates how they shatter. Written for laymen, Glass House addresses the origin of life, natural selection, mutations, missing links, the religious nature of evolution, and many more evolutionary myths.

Ken Ham (CEO and founder), Bodie Hodge (author and researcher) and the team of scientists at Answers in Genesis offer you a fresh look at the major arguments currently put forward to support molecules-to-man evolution. This cutting-edge book dismantles evolution argument by argument and is written at a level even a teen can understand.

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Title Glass House (Download)
Subtitle Shattering the Myth of Evolution
Contributors Bodie Hodge, Ken Ham
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Evolution as an idea is considered a rock-solid truth among secular scientists, but when you begin looking at the evidence and asking simple questions, you find their conclusions to be just fragile assumptions, unproven myth, and outright misconceptions – like a glass house built on shifting sands.

  • Discover the pervasive influences of the atheistic religion of Darwinian evolution
  • Learn what science is and how science is actually devastating to evolution
  • Explore how evolution developed from unproven science to a popular and cultural worldview

Now a powerful team of credentialed scientists, researchers, and Biblical apologists take on the pillars of evolution, and the truths they reveal decimate Darwin’s beliefs using a Biblical and logical approach to evidence.

Table of Contents

  • Preface — Bodie Hodge and Ken Ham
  • Introduction: Has Evolution Infiltrated the Church?
  • The Basics: Evolution, Science, and Religion
    • 1. What Is Evolution: The Three Types to Recognize
    • 2. What Is and Isn’t Science?
    • 3. Is Science Secular?
    • 4. Science Fields and Methodology Came from a Christian Worldview
    • 5. Creation vs. Evolution — Is It an Authority Issue?
    • 6. Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From?
  • The History and Assumptions of an Evolutionary Worldview
    • 7. Secular, Evolutionary, and Atheistic Religions
    • 8. Are There Different Models of Evolution?
    • 9. Living Fossils
    • 10. Are Similarities in Life Forms Evidence of Common Design or Common Ancestry?
  • The Big Four: Origin of Life, Natural Selection, Mutations, and Missing Links
    • 11. The Origin of Life
    • 12. What about Natural Selection?
    • 13. Are Peppered Moths Evidence for Evolution?
    • 14. Is a Species the Same Thing as a Biblical Kind?
    • 15. Are Mutations the Magical Key That Makes Evolution Possible?
    • 16. A Horse Will Always Be a Horse, of Course!
    • 17. Isn’t the Whale Transitional Series a Perfect Example of Evolution?
    • 18. What about Bird Evolution — Aren’t They Dinosaurs?
    • 19. What about the Missing Links Like Lucy, Neanderthals, and Homo erectus That Prove Human Evolution?
    • 20. What about Human Evolution?
    • 21. Digging for “Missing Links” in the Wrong Place
  • More Science Arguments: Genetics and Anatomy
    • 22. Do Humans and Chimps Share a Common Ancestor?
    • 23. Is Human Chromosome 2 the Result of a Fusion That Supports Shared Ancestry with Apes?
    • 24. Are Vestigial Organs Evidence of an Evolutionary Past?
  • Implications of an Evolutionary Worldview?
    • 25. What About Haeckel’s Faked Embryos? How Do They Relate to Abortion?
    • 26. What Are the Moral Implications of the Religion of Evolution?/li
    • 27. Did Darwin Renounce Evolution and Get Saved on His Deathbed?
  • Christians and the Big Picture
    • 28. Conclusion
Evolution : Facts and Myths
Review by Christina
I really enjoyed reading this compilation of essays from some well respected and prominent authors regarding evolution - it's facts and myths. The authors take some of the most popular evolutionary claims and one by one explain and dispute them. A great read for anyone who enjoys science and has a passion for reaching others in being able to explain a biblical worldview regarding topics of evolution. Evolutionary thought and teachings have had a major impact on our culture and this book is a great tool for understanding and encouraging us as we better understand what the Bible teaches versus the evolutionary theories that have touched every area of our lives. I would recommend this for high school and adult audiences.
Important Book
Review by JW
This is such an important topic. This book does a wonderful job at first explaining evolution and bits of how we got the belief even within the church. It has scripture to back up truth throughout. Highly recommend this book.
Wonderful, multi-author collection
Review by Kristi
What I really like about this book is that you get a compilation of articles from a number of different authors, that is something I always enjoy. We started in 8th grade with my daughter dealing seriously with the issues this book addresses and this is going on our list for 10th grade. Because the sections are shorter, its a great book to come back to if you don't finish it all at once. Some of my favorite Creation World View authors! Highly recommend for anyone, but would say highschool for homeschool.
should be required reading
Review by nicole
Obviously this can be a controversial book. I totally get it- for multiple generations, we've been taught Darwinism by our school systems and textbooks, and few challenged it, just said " oh it's contrary to the bible", but it's science, and left it unlevelled. Ken Ham has been one of the brave, going boldly into that void and saying "wait a minute, where is the EVIDENCE for what you are teaching everyone?". And suddenly the holes are exposed and now we are left to wonder, and stammer in our arguments. And that is what this book is for!

This book is perfect for high school students, who have been exposed to the evolution theory already in schools, as it gives them the evidence they need to make a educated decision on the idea of evolution, while bringing in bible study as well. So it can be a valuable homeschool resource for high schoolers, and a resource for parents, who are teaching elementary level, to see how to handle the evolution theory in science class!

The book is actually a compilation of different essays pertaining to the topic at hand. I actually prefer this, as it allows the reader/student to understand it is not just Ken Ham or Brodie Hodge saying things about evolution- it is other educated people, Doctors and lay people alike. It starts off with a look at how the evolution theory is accepted at modern churches, and then takes the reader through the theory itself,and exposes the holes, and more importantly offers the reasons WHY the theory has just been accepted, even though if it were any other scientific theory, it would have been debunked because of the issues it has. And that is the core issue-why if there is no solid evidence to support them, why are the evolution theories taken as fact? Science is supposed to be about fact, so why do natural evolutionists base their theories on blind faith, while telling Christians that their faith in the bible is wrong. It's the same. BUT as we learn (it seems literally every week anymore), more and more evidence keeps coming out to support biblical events, so why isn't the biblical view taught alongside evolution, at least? Once you start reading this book, you might not be able to put it down. There may be quite a few surprises inside! But I can guarantee that when finished you will have a sound education on evolution versus worldview, and be able to debunk any argument thrown at you!

If you're Christian, you MUST read this book! If you homeschool, it should be required reading for teaching science! We highly recommend it!
A Thorough Study on the Myth of Evolution
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
Many books have been printed on the topic of evolution, but you will be hard pressed to find another which lays out a more thorough argument from beginning to end for the truth of creation. Glass House is an amazing study on prevalent arguments for evolution; offering a Biblical, scientifically accurate response to each.

Perfect for higher education students, those at an high school or college level; those looking to have an answer for the skeptics of a Creation World View; and Christians looking to bolster their faith with scientific evidence for a Creator.

This is a must read!

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