God Created the Insects of the World (Download)

God Created the Insects of the World (Download)


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Part of a series of coloring sticker books designed to heighten children’s awareness of the truth of God’s Creation, these books teach children about the world God has made. Not only will kids learn about the world around them, but they will see how it reflects God’s plan. They’ll also have fun doing so as they color and use the stickers!

God Created the Insects of the World covers the biblical Creation story in relation to bugs, as well as facts about insects in general and information on why they can be so different from each other. The book also specifically focuses on how insects prove Creation and disprove evolution. In addition, kids will learn about the unique purposes that bugs serve and hands-on ways they can learn more about insects.

  • Teaches about insects in an age-appropriate, biblically-sound manner
  • Contains 32 full-color stickers that match the drawings and can be used as a color guide
  • Remains fun and informative even after all the pictures are colored
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Title God Created the Insects of the World (Download)
Series 'God Created' sticker book
Contributors Bonita Snellenberger, Earl Snellenberger
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

The books in this series are designed to heighten children's awareness of the truth of God's creation. Combination coloring and sticker books, they also contain information that will help children understand the chronology of creation, and the reasons we are to care for what He has entrusted us with. The center of each book contains 32 full-color stickers that match the drawings. Children can place the sticker with the drawing, giving young artists a color guide. For ages 4-10.

So Much Information for a Small Book
Review by Julie
Love this book. There is so much information in here. I even learned new things along with my sons. It is a great addition to a library - whether homeschool, church, or any other type of library. It is easily affordable whether buying the physical book or the digital copy. It is worth it to buy the whole collection.
Impressive Illustrations & Information of Insects!
Review by Heidi
I gladly purchased this eBook to add to my collection because I love this whole series! I recommend the digital copy for families with multiple children, Sunday school classes or even Christian schools. I believe this valuable learning tool can be used to supplement science curriculum, used as a relaxing lesson in Sunday school or it can even be used as an art assignment or as inspiration for related art projects. Since it is printable, the “sticker pages” can be printed and laminated with Velcro on the back of each picture to fasten it to the other Velcro piece in the box of the page. That can work for classes or kids that love to repeat the activity again and again! You can also print the page and cut the “stickers” out to be glued by the child at a later time. I feel any assignment can be planted as a seed for further learning by making the words age appropriate to the child. A passion for learning at a young age is to be encouraged and celebrated!
Beautiful pictures - Packed with Information
Review by Sarah
This creation based view of insects and God's creation is a great way to introduce children to God's amazing design for the smallest of creatures. Both my boys and I found the information fascinating.
Love these!!
Review by Aimie
I have enjoyed these books just as much as my 9 year olds! I love watching them find the
matching sticker and try to duplicate the color schemes. They make great gifts, as well!
Beautiful detailed pictures
Review by Jennifer
Great fun and the stickers are a great addition.
Enjoying this series!
Review by Amy
This book says 6-10 years, but I think younger kids can get much out of it too. Love the whole series.

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