God's Big Book of Animals (Download)

God's Big Book of Animals (Download)


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Let’s learn all about His wonderful creatures—where they are, what they eat, and how they live. From the birds that fly in the sky to the mammals that walk on the ground to the fishes that swim in the sea, you’ll read about 60 of God’s amazing creatures, from the tiny shrew and poison dart frog to the mighty elephant and great white shark. Enjoy a book that makes studying animals both fun and educational!

  • Captivating, full-color photographs of all the animals
  • Conversational tone that kids find engaging
  • Presents animals and their origins from a strong Biblical, young-earth creationist worldview

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2019 Moon Beam Award Winner

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title God's Big Book of Animals (Download)
Contributors Orit Kashtan
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Discover the secrets of your favorite animal’s odd behaviors, such as why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, how octopuses change colors, and what helps insects walk sideways and even upside down!

  • From shrews to skunks, elephants to Emperor penguins, learn about 60 animals in all
  • Filled with full-color images of each creature, as well as their behavior and habitats
  • Engaging and humorous text that inspires praise to God for the work of His hands
Review by Ariasil
This book is truly stunning! The pictures are amazing and so clear and it has just enough information without being boring!
A Must Have!
Review by Roshawnda
This book is Amazing!

The book is really large with huge vibrant pictures- perfect for viewing by multiple kiddos simultaneously. Tons of great facts that are easy enough for an elementary child to read and understand but interesting enough for all ages.
Review by Candice
What I love about most of the books by Masterbooks is the photography. They are truly beautiful! What I love even more is the interesting things to be learned!! This book has loads of great information as well as beautiful photos! I was given an eARC from Masterbooks to view but that in no way affected my review of this amazing book! I have it on my list to buy the hard copy for the next year or two of school!
Review by Karen
This book is huge! The pictures are amazing! My boys love reading through and learning about all the different animals. The pictures are plentiful, many of them full page. The detail of the pictures are amazing. For example, the birds, you can see the details of the feathers. I love all the fun facts. There is so much information for each animal, but it wouldn't be too overwhelming for lower elementary ages. It's great for the whole family! This would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s book collection.
Amazing Pictures!!
Review by Theresa
What an amazing resource! The photographs and layout are fantastic: large, and detailed!

The class, order, and species are given for each animal, as well as interesting facts about them, and lots of connections to the Bible throughout. It is so very readable, but not dumbed down.

This book is also used within the new Zoology curriculum. We had previously attempted Zoology with the older MB version, which used a different main book. It ended up being too difficult for my kids (beginning with Protista, which was too abstract to them at that time), so we had been saving it for a different year, and kind of forgot about it. This new book is so exciting, and is much more accessible for all age ranges. I think we will have to get the updated Zoology Teacher’s Manual, and try it again with this book!
It's our favorite!
Review by Ivonne
I cannot say enough how much my kids love this book, the pictures are amazing and the information is not overwhelming for the little ones. It's great for elementary grades. We love it!
A Visually Stunning Nature Resource
Review by Cristina, A Homeschool Mom
If your family loves nature study as much as ours, you won't want to miss out on this incredible resource. From the creative Table of Contents through each and every creature, God's Big Book of Animals is filled to the brim with goodness. Each animal is carefully studied over a series of several pages, complete with a multitude of stunning photographs to grab your child's attention and draw them into the beauty of God's creation. This book is sure to be a family favorite and a continual resource for the homeschool room.
Fabulous for Elementary Age Study of Animals!
Review by Kristi
This is a book with marvelous pictures, clear text, and is just so FUN! It hardly seems like a book to learn a lot from, it's so pretty! We have used the book that this one was the re-make of. It was geared toward an older elementary student due to the very LARGE amount of content on each page. My son just turned 11 and he looked at this new one with me, and for he really liked this one, too. However, he was sad no red pandas were included in the new book! (LOL) He enjoyed God's World of Animals because he just really loves learning about living things. He felt like he learned a lot from that book. This new one is going to elicit the same response from kids who read it - they are going to learn so much from it, and if they are anything like my son, it'll be hard to pull them away! I don't think you can go wrong with this book, it is stunning! Truly, its so beautifully photographed and paced that any age person will enjoy it. We really enjoyed the Bible references for animals mentioned in the Bible as well! A hit!!

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